Health-e-Solutions Lifestyle for Type 1 Diabetes
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Where Prescription Meets Practice…

While looking for a natural cure for type 1 diabetes, we discovered how to reduce insulin demand (in our case eliminating insulin injection requirements), achieve excellent blood sugar control, and provide thriving health for our family.

As parents of two boys with type 1 diabetes, Gabriel and Nathan Roman, we want to teach you the practical application of the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle that has provided us with amazing results and revolutionized our thinking. We believe this lifestyle works with all types of diabetes; Type 1, Type 2, MODY, LADA, pre-diabetes, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance and more!

Natural Innovative Diabetes Control

Like us, you may have been given little hope for the future. You may be dissatisfied with the typical treatment plan, which puts a priority on insulin and drug therapies over diet, exercise and other lifestyle factors.

We believe this order must be reversed; that a natural diet and lifestyle routine should take precedence over drug therapies to treat and master diabetes in the healthiest way possible. This natural, innovative approach may reduce or eliminate your dependence on medications. It may set you on a path to better health and vitality.

“Your Health-e-Solutions is the best hope and source of credible research on the web. Keep up the good work for all of us.” ~ Christopher, Markham, Ontario

You may find yourself at crossroads

- You want to reverse the order of priority in your diabetes treatment without jeopardizing your health or your doctor’s care plan.

- You would like to make changes to your lifestyle to minimize your dependence on insulin.

- You would like to get off of insulin.

- You would like to reverse the symptoms associated with diabetes progression.

- You are convinced that nutrition and other lifestyle factors are keys to your health, but you need help organizing your life to achieve success.

- You may be a health care professional who believes nutrition and lifestyle are critical pieces to excellent diabetes control, but you want additional resources to improve patient knowledge and compliance.

We can help! Our natural lifestyle solutions for all types of diabetes will help you establish a foundation that may stop or reverse disease progression and complications.

Put a consultant on your team! Our personal experience and proven track record put us in a unique position to assist you. We have lived and practiced this lifestyle with results beyond our wildest expectations. We’d like to share our success with you.