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“An Answer to Our Prayers”

Listen to this proud and satisfied mother talk about the success she has had with her daughter, managing blood sugars and wellness in a more natural way with the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle

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“Where's the Outrage?”

The story this mother tells about her initial experience upon diagnosis is sadly all too common. However, her happy experience with the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle has changed all that.

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Our Story is On YouTube

An updated version of the story of Gabriel and Nathan Roman’s story is now on YouTube. Gabriel and Nathan Roman were diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2008. Since that time the Roman family has been a…

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“We are So Happy with Our Choice of the Health-e-Solutions Lifestyle”

This is an inspiring message from a family with 2 type 1 diabetic girls who has chosen the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle and has been more than satisfied with the results

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Special Report - Top Ten Mistakes Diabetics Make with Food

IS YOUR DIET KILLING YOU? Have you ever wondered why you feel so poorly all the time? Are you ready to make lifestyle changes …but you are unsure where to begin? Whether you have Type 1 or Type 2 Diab…

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Anne de Selliers Story - Type 1 Diabetes Cured Early 1930

Does food matter? Just ask this 84 year old vibrant mother of 6 and grandparent many times over who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes early in 1930 and cured several years later.

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Roman Boys' Latest Labs All Normal!

Nathan and Gabriel tested negative for 3 different auto-antibodies typically found in people with type 1 diabetes! While this is not a guarantee that they will never develop these antibodies in the fu…

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ONE Year and 24 Days since the Last Shot of Insulin

We received this inspiring testimony from a family in Kansas. Getting such improvement on the A1c is quite remarkable! This type 1 diabetes family realizes that food matters tremendously for long ter…

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“Completely Gobsmacked at Her New HbA1c”

A family in New Zealand shared an inspiring note about their success with the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle. They have seen such positive changes

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Emma’s Story – “Eating This Way Gave Me the Control Back I Yearned For”

Emma is a wonderful, courageous young woman from England who has taken control of her type 1 diabetes through lifestyle changes, including eating more alkalizing foods.

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Watch our Story on the Incredible Healing Journals Website

Lisa Robbins, founder of the Incredible Healing Journals website has posted our story for her readers and viewers to watch. We encourage you to check it out below.

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“Three Times I Nearly Lost Her. I Am So Grateful”

You simply must read this message from the grateful partner of a type 1 diabetic woman who has been through the diabetic version of hell

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Hard Work, but Worth It Now and For the Future

Is lifestyle transformation hard work? You bet it is! Is it worth it? Absolutely!

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Interview with Dan and Sally Roman

Recently, Sysy Morales, founder and editor of The Girls Guide to Diabetes blog, interviewed us and posed some tough questions, but graciously provided us the opportunity to answer them. She posted the…

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Experiencing Culture Shock Firsthand

Our 17 year old son, Daniel recently wrote a paper for his English class in which he described his transformation from disenchantment, to resolution, to effective function with the Health-e-Solutions …

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No More Roller Coaster Rides

A family shared how they have gotten off the roller coaster of blood sugar highs and lows. They are now on the rolling plains of better glucose control through diet and lifestyle changes. Here is what…

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Serena's Story: Hope, Success and the Beta Cell Mantra

One of our friends in OH wrote to us about their encouraging and compelling story of success and hope. We thought we’d share it with you

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Greater Proven Results in a Fraction of the Time!

These results are not uncommon in our experience helping people with type 1 diabetes, as well as people with pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes.

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Personal Workshop Success: “Gratitude for all you have taught us”

We learn as much from the people who attend our workshops as they do from us! We had a truly delightful time with this family who has a daughter diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

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Beyond Basics Health-e-Solutions Lifestyle Recipe e-Book

Are you ready to go beyond the basics of the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle? We’ve got 45 more awesome recipes for you, all with minimal impact on blood glucose and maximum focus on nutrition, health an…

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Join the Health-e-Solutions Affiliate Program

We want your help in promoting so that we can get the good news out to more people about a better way to manage diabetes than simply following the standard plan of care. And we’re…

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No Need for Insulin

Type 1 diabetes brought many positive changes into our lives. We found unexpected hope and a new way of living to master this disease in the healthiest way possible!

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“I hope you have a wonderful day. I think I will.”

We received this exciting message from a family in Montana who has had great success managing blood sugars with the recipes from our Health-e-Solutions recipe e-books

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Ava’s Story: From Heartbreak to Hope

This mother’s story of hope is so inspiring. They have experienced the freedom and relief that comes from putting the body in a position of strength for better blood sugar control and long term health…

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“This Disease was a Blessing in Disguise”

We recently received this wonderfully encouraging note from 14 year-old Marianna who lives in California. She was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 2012 one day before the 4th anniversary of Gabriel’s…

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I Finally Feel Like All This IS Worth It!

Let’s face it. Lifestyle change is hard. But it is so worth the effort!

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Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

We received this very encouraging note from a family in California who has recently started using our recipes to help manage their daughter’s type 1 diabetes

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Good News for Blood Sugar Testing: High Quality Products at the Best Price is a new diabetic testing supplies company located in Chandler, AZ. They offer the highest quality products at the best price. These prices are awesome!

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A1c of 4.8 During a Broken Leg, Chicken Pox and Stomach Virus

We tip our hats to the excellent job this Type 1 mom has done tuning challengers into opportunities.

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“Thank gd We Found the Romans and a New Way of Thinking.”

This is why we are committed to help others overcome their disease in the healthiest way possible.

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Blood Sugar Blessings and Guardian Angels

We are so happy for this family’s success, not only in better management of Parkinson’s disease and type 1 diabetes, but also in their success in transforming their lifestyles for better living. We ho…

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Home Study Course Gives Family Confidence: “I CAN Do This!”

“I’ve got to say, the amount of information is unbelievable! It’s so easy to read and understand! And don’t get me started on the recipes, the 2 week starter meal planner and grocery list!! We can do …

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Workshop Home Study Course Available!

We understand that not everybody can make it to a live workshop, so we are bringing the core workshop to you! We have created a variety of home study course packages from which to pick the option that…

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“Free from My Ball and Chain”

Barb Holzer was diagnosed recently with pre-diabetes, but she has suffered from a number of other chronic conditions for years. Her early results after three weeks of following the Health-e-Solutions …

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Hayden’s Story: Stuffing the “Beties” Monster Back into its Box

Hayden’s story begins as many T1D stories do. But that is where the similarities with most people end. The Hatston family went on a mission to vanquish the “beties” monster and put it back into the bo…

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Where Prescription Meets Practice…

While looking for a natural cure for type 1 diabetes, we discovered how to reduce insulin demand (in our case eliminating insulin injection requirements), achieve excellent blood sugar control, and provide thriving health for our family.

As parents of two boys with type 1 diabetes, Gabriel and Nathan Roman, we want to teach you the practical application of the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle that has provided us with amazing results and revolutionized our thinking. We believe this lifestyle works with all types of diabetes; Type 1, Type 2, MODY, LADA, pre-diabetes, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance and more!

Natural Innovative Diabetes Control

Like us, you may have been given no hope for the future. You may be dissatisfied with the typical treatment plan, which puts a priority on insulin and drug therapies over diet, exercise and other lifestyle factors.

We believe this order must be reversed; that a natural diet and lifestyle routine should take precedence over drug therapies to treat and master diabetes in the healthiest way possible. This natural, innovative approach may reduce or eliminate your dependence on medications. It may set you on a path to better health and vitality.

“Your Health-e-Solutions is the best hope and source of credible research on the web. Keep up the good work for all of us.” ~ Christopher, Markham, Ontario

You may find yourself at crossroads

- You want to reverse the order of priority in your diabetes treatment without jeopardizing your health or your doctor’s care plan.

- You would like to make changes to your lifestyle to minimize your dependence on insulin.

- You would like to get off of insulin.

- You would like to reverse the symptoms associated with diabetes progression.

- You are convinced that nutrition and other lifestyle factors are keys to your health, but you need help organizing your life to achieve success.

- You may be a health care professional who believes nutrition and lifestyle are critical pieces to excellent diabetes control, but you want additional resources to improve patient knowledge and compliance.

We can help! Our natural lifestyle solutions for all types of diabetes will help you establish a foundation that may stop or reverse disease progression and complications.

Put a consultant on your team! Our personal experience and proven track record put us in a unique position to assist you. We have lived and practiced this lifestyle with results beyond our wildest expectations. We’d like to share our success with you.