Accomplishing the Impossible: Sophia’s Healthier and Happier Future

Health-e-Solutions comment: What an encouraging story you are about to read! Accomplishing the Impossible; with a difficult legacy from both sides of little Sophia’s family history, she and her dedicated family have achieved something truly amazing. With insulin production up and antibodies gone, Sophia’s outlook is truly bright for a healthier and happier future.

Sophia’s Story

Sophia with Dad-Accomplishing the ImpossibleType 1 diabetes was something my husband’s family and my family has been way too familiar with over the years.

My aunt was diagnosed at 7 years of age and was blind by her mid-twenties. Her life was marked by amputations and sickness that followed her unmanaged blood glucose levels.

But my husband’s family suffered an even a greater loss to this disease. His aunt passed away from complications relating to Type 1 diabetes in her late twenties. She was diagnosed at age 12.

It was this history that gave our family the clues . . .

Sophia, age 4, was tired and had dark circles under her eyes. She was going to the bathroom every 20 minutes and began wetting the bed at night. It was when my mother smelled the sweet acetone scent on Sophia’s breath that she pressed me to bring Sophia into the doctor. I told her that there was no way Sophia was sick, but my mother told me to prove her wrong. Boy, I wish I could have proved her wrong. Instead, we received the news from our naturopath physician that Sophia’s measurable insulin was far below the normal levels. Our physician asked us to begin a log of her food and blood sugars to see where her blood sugars went throughout the day. The days that followed shocked us. Her blood sugars would dip into the 50s and then skyrocket into the low 200s.

Our next step was to go and see an endocrinologist. His testing revealed elevated GAD-65 antibodies and something he referred to as “interesting” in her blood sugar patterns from her glucometer we had used over the past few weeks. However, her A1c was at 5.3; so, he sent us home and told us that, if she got any worse, we should give him a call. Then, he said he would see us in a year.

Feeling that we could not just sit by and wait for the inevitable, we returned to our naturopathic physician. He tested Sophia for food allergies and determined that she was allergic to both gluten and dairy. Our physician also put us in contact with the Romans. We had six months of clearing and healing the gut under the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle. After that, we began adding eggs and meats into her diet. A year later, we went back in for blood work.

The antibodies were gone, her A1c dropped to 5.0, and her insulin production raised slightly!!! We had accomplished, with the knowledge and support from our amazing physician and the Romans, what others had deemed impossible.

The way our family now eats hardly resembles what it once was before we began this journey. We cook everything from scratch. It, at times, is time consuming, and Sophia always has to bring her snacks. However, to not worry about the complications that surround current insulin therapy, it has been a blessing. We have also been able to find or create substitutes, so, Sophia never feels that she is missing out on the fun of being a kid. The family actually prefers to eat this way now, and we have converted a lot of our extended family to a more HeS approach. She began Kindergarten this year, and is growing more than she ever had before. The guidance and real life experience Sally and Dan were able to impart on our family has been invaluable. We now have a bright outlook, knowing that, as a family, we will all have a healthier and happier future. *

(* results may vary)

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