HeConnection-ConnectedWhen I was working as a Registered Nurse, we had to make treatment plans for each patient. They were called Care Plans. We would assess the patient for both physical and mental needs based on their diagnosis and individual case.  When Gabriel was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2008, I did what came natural to me when I faced a medical problem. I started writing a care plan. This time it was for my son, Gabriel. And then 4 months later, when our son Nathan was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, we did the same for him.

From the moment the words type 1 diabetes speared my heart to now, I have not stopped looking for a natural cure for type 1 diabetes. It is now my passion to find the best natural treatment for type 1 diabetes until the day we can hopefully solve all of the puzzle pieces to curing this disease.

I wholeheartedly believe that the cure lies in finding the cause. Our body has a remarkable ability to heal if given the true opportunity. We would expect a natural cure for type 1 diabetes to be in line with Hippocrates’ (the father of modern medicine) care plan which stated, “First do no harm.”

After researching fervently for the first few months, I compiled spreadsheets of data from various sources.  My husband and I poured over the data to create our personal care plan for Gabriel.  With our doctor’s supervision, vigilantly we picked food, supplements and lifestyle changes that would give Gabriel – and a few months later, Nathan – the greatest chance to heal. We wanted to put their bodies in a position of strength. As we learned new data, Gabriel’s and Nathan’s care plans would change, always with the goal of strengthening their bodies.

Gabriel’s and Nathan’s care plans continue to be just that: A PLAN to CARE for my dear sons. I love them. That motivates me to persevere as we implement our natural treatment for type 1 diabetes, always looking with hope for a healthy future. We hope you share in our motivation to find and implement the healthiest way possible to help our loved ones overcome this disease.