A New Leif: A Family’s Story of Faith, Hope and Love

Health-e-Solutions comment: A New Leif is this family’s miraculous story of faith, hope, love and willingness to try another wA New Leifay to manage diabetes has resulted in amazing health for the entire family.  We believe this family’s outlook on their difficult situation has had a beneficial impact on their ability to manage Leif’s type 1diabetes with strength, calm and discipline. The results speak for themselves.  We know you will find Leif’s story truly inspiring. It is so encouraging to hear the stories of real people having real results. We hope and pray you will be encouraged to take this road less traveled to see where it may take you.

Leif’s journey with diabetes began on March 15th, 2012. No one told me there was a possibility of recovery, much less a life without injecting insulin for Leif.  Yet thanks to the intervention of our Lord in his life, we found Health-e-Solutions.

Since his diagnosis on March 15th, 2012, Leif’s HbA1C results speak volumes about the potential for healing from Type 1 diabetes: 12.1, 5.2, 5.0, 5.1, 4.9, 4.8.  He lives on the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle under the medical support of Dr. Mona Morstein and Dr. Susan Kreitzburg, as well as being under the consultation of Dan and Sally Roman at Health-e-Solutions. Leif takes no exogenous insulin, but rather, is supported by diet and supplements.

Leif’s journey has sanctified our family in ways I would never trade now, because we live on faith and hope. Bound by common love and loyalty for each other, disciplined and strong for love of a child in ways somehow we couldn’t be before, we grow in our passion and appreciation for the lives God has given us. What can give you that sense of holding onto faith and never letting go? Maybe it is to love a child, to pray for recovery, and to have that prayer answered.

Leif’s courage inspires me daily, and always has. I guess that’s why my former husband and I named him after Leif Erikson, as he seems like a little warrior with a very gentle soul. In the years before his diagnosis, Leif suffered the pain of his family on many levels. A difficult loss of his father in the home, the learning challenges and emotional pain of his older brother, the dyslexia and celiac-gluten intolerance of his sister, and his own dyslexia and partial color blindness all were weathered with courage as these obstacles were surmounted with God’s guidance and resource.

Then, in March, 2012, the climb got much steeper. On March 12th, 2012, we learned of my brother’s sudden death. As we struggled through the maze of grief, tears, and shock that followed, we were supported by our belief that God redeems and loves all who love Him. We prayed continually for my mother as she worked to process this death, and for my beloved brother’s peace in heaven. Two weeks before this, I had noticed some need to urinate at night, and an incident of bed-wetting from Leif that was totally unusual. I thought it might be emotional distress, as we had moved his bed to another room. I even asked our then naturopath about it. She dismissed it as a symptom of emotional adjustment. It seemed to get better, was asymptomatic at school, then got worse again. In the days following my brother’s death, Leif’s polyuria intensified. On the night of March 14th, 2 days after my brother’s death, Leif peed a lake of urine in the kitchen while sleepwalking.

I felt a chill as I stood numb watching my child lose control, and I knew then that something was deeply wrong. I need to take him in, I thought, but I can’t bear to hear right now if something is really wrong, I just can’t bear it right now.

Bear it I must. The next day, I drove the whole family to our pediatrician’s office. The questions were brief, the urine test followed, the doctor returned. “I’m sorry, he’s got diabetes,” and my whole world seemed to crash. I stood in stunned disbelief. Really Lord? I thought. After everything we’ve been through? Now? Yet, somehow, in that doctor’s office no bigger than an oversized closet, with my three children staring at me, one of them 7 years old, white as a sheet, his face pinched and drawn with the pain of the disease, his cells starving for want of nourishment, God stepped in and gave me the strength I swear now I didn’t know I could ever have. I said, “Children, it’s time to pray.” Bowing our heads, we cried and prayed, all four of us, begging, asking, needing His help more than ever. “Please save our Leify”, we prayed. “Please, send something to make this easier. Please lift this terrible condition.”

I have never experienced the power of prayer so directly as I had in that office. I had the sense, in that doctor’s office with my distraught children, that God was in control, and that, if I just listened and followed His guidance for the next step, somehow things could be… could be safer? More secure? I wasn’t sure, but I knew I would do whatever it took to make Leif as well as he could possibly be, and God would give me the strength.

But it would take time, so much courage, and so much willingness to pay the price of recovery. In essence, it would take a belief in something unseen, unverified, and virtually unknown by the medical world.

Following an injection of Lantus at the emergency room, enough to keep him safe for the night the doctor said, we took Leif home. There was time to cry, then play, then eat dinner. I tucked my tired children into bed and hit my laptop with a will. I had to know everything possible about Diabetes. Though I have a biology degree, I needed to refresh my former knowledge.  My background made the language on the medical websites easier to interpret. And what I learned shocked and scared me. “Males live an average of 5-6 years less, significant chance of organ transplants in middle age, loss of male sex organ function by age 50, difficult cases may be seen at…” My eyes blurred. What was explained to me as a simple matter of administering insulin to manage a condition did not seem so simple. And the consequences of having a “low”? I was to learn that brain damage due to hypoglycemia was a hazard of diabetes. The onus was on me, the parent, to maintain tight control, even in the middle of the night.

In future days and weeks as I was in and out of doctor’s offices, learning how to check blood sugars, count carbs,  and administer insulin injections, I learned more about what life was seemingly going to always be like from now on. True to his warrior name, Leif faced the many pokes and injections with stoicism, trustfully holding out his fingers and arms, and only occasionally saying, “That hurt, Mom.” Yet the stress was palpable. Would it ever end? Could it ever end? After high readings (410 after pizza one day, even after injecting 4 units of Humalog), my face contorted into a forced smile, while Leif buried a sob of fear.

I thought there was no other way, and have to admit that, numbly and in overwhelmed fashion, I drove, walked and stumbled through from point A to point B in total exhaustion, grateful always to have saved my child from death, yet in the back of my mind wondering if there was another way, while outwardly  accepting what I had been told, that there was no other way.

Suddenly, that “other way” burst into my life. It happened that three weeks after diagnosis, Leif began to go into his “honeymoon” phase. Dropping numbers below 100 after insulin injections, he needed less and less medicine. Within 3 more days, I had stopped injecting after meals and was only using long-acting Lantus at night. Concurrently with this, Leif’s first grade teacher and our headmaster had attended a training session at the hospital for how to inject Leif at school. Leif’s teacher, trained as a nurse formerly, was disturbed by the blood sugar numbers (above 140) recommended as maintenance for Leif. She thought this number was too high, and through a conversation engineered by God with her Chinese Herbalist, found another path for Leif with Health-e-solutions.

The next day, she told me about the Romans. I was not a stranger to alternatives, having pursued healing for dyslexia and learning challenges successfully through the HANDLE approach for all three of my children for the past three years. I just didn’t know there was anything for diabetes. My mind jumped! There is another way! I called Sally and reached her immediately afterwards, and started the diet the following day.

Within 2 days of being on the diet, concurrent with his honeymoon, Leif was able to go off insulin entirely. The first full day with no insulin was Easter Sunday, April 8th, 2012.  The resurrection day!  I watched my boy ride his bike in utter joy down our street that evening. “Mom! I didn’t need any insulin today!” he said, smiling.  It was a feeling I have a hard time expressing in words, watching him ride free like that. I felt, what could I say?

A reprieve, a door had been opened, a way out shown. It seemed that after so much suffering and pain, God had seen my willingness to pay, to sacrifice, to humble myself to His will. He had given this to me, almost without my asking for it. I was overwhelmed by His goodness, and my eyes blurred with tears. For a little while anyway, my boy had life, and life free of medicine.

That “little while” continues today.

He woke up at 77 today (he tends to often run a bit low, but never has he dropped into the dangerous “lows” on this diet). His last HbA1C was 4.8. He had a normal insulin response to a cup of black beans, as determined by measuring C-Peptide 1.5 hours post-prandially at his last lab also. His C-Peptide fasting levels have measured from .4-.7 (with a normal index of 1.1-4.2). We’re down to checking his blood sugar once per day now, due to his incredible stability over the last year. There are still bumps. He has jumped up to the 120’s or 130’s 1.5 hours post-prandially on occasions of stress in particular. But he comes back down, and still gets these great HbA1C’s.

We eat exclusively on the [Health-e-Solutions] diet. Leif never cheats. Our whole family eats this way, and we love it!

Maya’s celiac condition has cleared (though gluten-free before Leif’s condition, she says that this diet has even more greatly improved her health and strength), her pollen allergies this year have decreased significantly and she is growing like a weed.

Logan’s concentration and ability to process emotions has improved. He says he will always eat this way as he believes his health is never better, and “Mom it builds my muscles better” (teenage boy).

And me? I’m stronger and more healthy too. Mostly, I’m just so amazed, hopeful and faithful.

I wish everyone with a newly diagnosed or lately diagnosed Type 1 diabetic child could learn of this, and at least have the option of pursuing it.  I truly feel that everyone would have some positive result. I am also humbled to realize that so many have sacrificed and suffered with diabetes. So few people experience what Leif has experienced. I feel so humbled that my child has this life of recovery.  I wonder, what has anyone to lose by exploring and walking this path with the [Health-e-Solutions] lifestyle? I pray that Leif’s journey may inspire you.

About two weeks before he died, I spoke to my brother on the phone for what I didn’t know then would be the last time. He was excited for me that my then job as a freelance writer was blossoming (now, thanks be to God, I am the third grade teacher at my children’s’ school, a job I love). He asked about the kids, and was happy to hear of their joys and successes in school. He said, “Gee, Breen (his nickname for me), I sure am glad to hear of how well things are going.  I hope they keep going so well for you, and maybe, even get a little better.”

I want to tell him that they keep on getting better, thanks to our Father in Heaven. Blessed be to Him who loves us all. *

(* results may vary)

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