Gabe-Nate-4peaks-Mountain ClimbingA1C Results & Mountain Climbing

We got our son Nathan’s latest A1C results back. It was 4.7 – Wow! That was his best ever! We are very pleased.

In the spring we started giving the boys more beans (black and pinto) in their diet. We noticed their blood sugars were elevated at times, and their last A1cs were creeping up. So we cut back the amount of beans they were eating to see if that would make a difference. Boy did it ever!

The picture is of Gabe (standing) and Nathan on top of a 7,500 foot mountain near the Phoenix, AZ valley called Four Peaks (You can see peak number 1 in the background – we climbed peak number 2). It was a 5 mile hike to the top. Nathan is writing our names in the log book that was stashed on the peak.

We took along various nuts, seeds, vegetables and almond bread for the hike. It was July in Arizona, so we packed plenty of pure, slightly-alkaline water in water bottles, and we brought along a water cooler to keep in the truck after we returned from the hike.

Gabe and Nathan did fantastic. It was the first time Gabe had been on such a strenuous hike. This was no trail hike. It was a cut through brush, scale cliff walls, hike straight up kind of hike. You would have thought both were mountain goats the way they climbed. It is such a joy to see them do so well without injecting insulin. We are thankful every day for how their bodies have been restored and protected by the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle.

Health-e-Solutions-Evaluate-Results-Venn-Mountain ClimbingMapping, monitoring and measuring are a continuous cycle when living with diabetes. You begin with a certain course of treatment in mind, which you mapped out with the help of your medical professional. You monitor your progress and measure it against your goals.

Upon evaluation, you may find a new course must be corrected to compensate for successes and challenges. Evaluating progress and results of the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle is essential for mastering diabetes in the healthiest way possible. Our 124-page downloadable e-publication equips you with the key evaluation tools you need, along with some of the research behind them, to determine where you want to go and how to get there. We give you important tools to help you chart your course and stay on track to reach your destination.