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People who have followed our natural, healthy lifestyle solutions have: *

  • Decreased their HbA1c percentage
  • Reduced or eliminated insulin or other medication requirements
  • Reversed symptoms and complications
  • Decreased insulin-resistance
  • Improved fasting and post-prandial blood glucose levels
  • Increased c-peptide secretion and production
  • Decreased or eliminated diabetes auto-antibodies
  • Normalized their weight

(* results may vary)

We also collaborate with health care professionals to be an added resource for improving patient knowledge and compliance through the application of healthy lifestyle solutions. Whether you are a chiropractor, a naturopath, an osteopath, a diabetologist, an endocrinologist, or a primary care physician, we can help you motivate and encourage your patients to better long term disease management through healthy lifestyle choices.

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Sometimes Wonderful News Arrives in Unique Packages

 – By Sally Roman

My husband and I have six precious children, and I was a registered nurse before I stayed home to raise them.

Gabriel & Nathan Roman-About UsThe story behind our impressive news began in January of 2008. I thought our youngest child, Gabriel, possibly had a bladder infection. What started out to be a somewhat routine doctor visit ended up with disturbing news. Our family doctor said he suspected Gabriel had type 1 diabetes. Shock hit me as I tried to absorb the news. We had no family history of diabetes, and overall our family had been very healthy. The tests taken the next day revealed that our six-year-old son would probably be insulin-dependent within six months.

Our pediatric endocrinologist insisted that there was nothing we could do to prevent the onset of diabetes. He said that no dietary changes were needed or would help.

We spent extensive time researching all possible options of treatment.  We incorporated several approaches after realizing that our nutrition can really impact our health.

We began to test different foods and meticulously chart his various food responses.  We discovered that many recipes we found for diabetics had too high of a glycemic impact, even some “alkaline” recipes.  Desperate to make this lifestyle change “livable”, we camped out at the kitchen experimenting with new culinary creations.

It was so rewarding to see that within a month Gabriel’s blood sugar levels returned close to normal levels.

Our story took a twist in the road when only four months later our ten year old son, Nathan, was also diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Nathan joined his brother on the healthier lifestyle adventure. At the same time, a blood test revealed that Gabriel had no measurable insulin in his blood. Although we were thankful that Gabriel was maintaining normal blood sugar levels, we grieved at what appeared to be the loss of insulin production. Meanwhile, people were amazed when I told them our story.

That June was Gabriel’s six month anniversary since being diagnosed. The pediatric endocrinologist had predicted Gabriel would be insulin-dependent within six months. In fact, it probably would have been sooner since Gabriel had no measurable insulin levels after only four months. What a joy it was for Gabriel to have normal blood sugar levels that day, and to watch him playing and swimming so joyfully. Had it not been for what we had learned, that day could have been another sad day spent in the hospital dealing with the roller coaster ride that can be part of blood sugar control with type 1 diabetes.

In July of 2008, after two months of perseverance, we went back at our doctor’s office. We were stunned when he announced the results of both boys’ recent lab tests. Gabriel’s pancreas had once again begun to produce some insulin. Nathan was overproducing insulin in order to compensate for insulin antibodies present. Both were maintaining normal blood sugar levels. We were overwhelmed with gratitude.

September brought more remarkable news. Our doctor sat us down with the new lab results. He said Nathan went from insufficient levels of insulin in May to overproducing insulin beginning in July, probably to compensate for the insulin antibodies present. Gabriel’s lab results were also encouraging.  His fasting and post-prandial insulin levels were considered within acceptable ranges for the very low-glycemic, low insulin demand diet they were eating.

We read a number of books on diabetes self-management that all seemed to validate much of what we were doing with the boys; managing their blood sugar levels through healthy nutrition and exercise, eliminating or minimizing environmental factors and managing other vital lifestyle factors. Many books, countless research articles, doctors and people have brought us encouragement us along the way.

Nathan-Roman-Health-e-Solutions-About UsToday, our journey continues.  We continue to live what we call the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle along with Gabriel and Nathan. We have introduced more very low-glycemic carbohydrates into the boys’ diets, and they are tolerating them extremely well. Yet we stay well within the boundaries we have set for optimal blood sugar control and long term health. It is now our lifestyle. We live it rather unconsciously now. However, in the beginning it took considerable effort to change to a healthier way of living.

Helping our children with their new dietary opportunity has brought many touching and comical stories.  Often the boys hug me and thank us for their renewed health. We have adopted an “attitude of gratitude” as our motto.

One key to encouraging them seems to be having a good alkalinizing substitute for different occasions.  For Christmas, Nathan helped concoct great gingerbread and cutout “sugar” cookies. We experimented and came up with a great therapeutic brownie!

Tears well up in my eyes as I remember a touching incident where Gabriel was invited to a Gabriel Roman-About Usslumber party. To prepare for this big event, I called the mom hosting the party to get the menu. We carefully prepared healthy snacks and meals that corresponded with the festivities.

When I came to pick up Gabriel, he came running towards me with his sweet brown eyes twinkling and a toothy grin. “Mom!” he exclaimed. “Guess what I got from the piñata? All toys!” Thoughtfully, the hosting parents had considered Gabriel’s diet. I asked him to tell me about his favorite part of the party. Without hesitation he shouted with zeal “The FOOD!” He then, with a big bear hug, whispered “My food tasted so much better than their food. Thank you, Mom.”

When people ask me how we could live with a special diet, I answer gently “How could we not with what we now know?”

Sometimes wonderful news does arrive in unique packages. We thank God for ours. *

(* results may vary)