Acceptance = Freedom

When Nathan was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, Gabriel had already been diagnosed for 5 months. The day we found out about Nathan, we also discovered that Gabriel had less than the measurable limit of insulin when tested. It was a dark day, but we accepted that this was our reality. Acceptance = Freedom. This made it easier to see that there was also plenty of hope Health-e-Solutions-Outlook-Fixing-Your-Mojo-Acceptance = Freedombecause of modern medical advancements. Even more encouraging, on that same day, Gabriel’s blood glucose levels were within normal ranges because of implementing the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle – no hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia!

Accepting that first Gabriel and then Nathan were metabolically challenged did not make the illness go away. Nor did it stop us from continuing to pursue treatment in the hopes of improving their health. What it did do is remove an entirely unnecessary layer of stress and anxiety that came from continuously struggling against what was true in each moment.

We believe that it’s not possible to take truly effective action until we fully accept what is. But that’s not easy. In fact, it’s one of the hardest things we can do.

To accept something means to let in all of the feelings and sensations that go along with that something.

In the case of illness, it means feeling the grief associated with the lost dreams, the fear that we may never get well or that we won’t survive, and the isolation that comes from living with chronic illness.

Ironically, it is avoiding these feelings (i.e. not accepting them) that prevents us from taking appropriate action. Not accepting something does not make it go away. It just distances us from ourselves and from reality in general, which many times ultimately leads to poor decision-making and more suffering.

When we accept what is, we are free. Free to act in accordance with reality. Free to be at peace with the circumstances of our lives, no matter how undesirable or difficult they are. And free to continue to do everything in our power to improve the conditions of our lives, or of life in general.

Health-e-Solutions-Outlook-Matters-Acceptance = Freedom

We tend to limit health to nutritional, metabolic and exercise factors. Collectively, we haven’t quite made the connection that health is also given by who we are, how we think, what we feel and believe, how we conduct ourselves in the world. Mental, emotional, physical, social and spiritual factors, what we call our outlook on life, all play a tremendous role in developing the healthiest lifestyle for optimal blood sugar control and long term success.

Health is not just about what we do (diet, exercise, etc.), it’s also about who we are at the deepest place of our being. This 113-page downloadable, printable special report on Improving Your Outlook is an essential resource for your long term success. It is often overlooked, but we have found that a person’s outlook on life greatly impacts their health, and health can greatly impact a person’s outlook.