An Amazing Difference

We recently received an email from a woman who has a young son with type one diabetes and Epilepsy. She has been transitioningHeConnection-Encouraged-An Amazing Difference to the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle and made the following comments:

“I have noticed an amazing difference in his blood sugar stability and fewer seizures. We went out of town last week for the day. I let him eat his usual travel fast food. His blood sugar went crazy and he had several seizures… I was so sad to see the old patterns come back but excited to see what I had been doing was helping.” *

(* results may vary)

Comments like these are so satisfying to hear. They always encourage us, because we know the sacrifice and commitment it takes for a family to implement lifestyle changes. But is it such a great price to pay when you see results like these?

Health-e-Solutions Home Study Course-An Amazing DifferenceThe home study version of our interactive Strategies and Techniques Workshop will give you a foundation upon which to build a healthy, very low glycemic, Health-e-Solutions lifestyle to manage all types of diabetesand other autoimmune diseases.

Our home study course will equip you with practical, proven strategies to make a disciplined diet and exercise routine a priority in the management of diabetes. These healthy strategies may help you to stabilize blood glucose and perhaps even stop potential long term disease progression. We will help you find the “livable zone” within the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle to achieve long term success and sustainability.