Anne de Selliers Story – Type 1 Diabetes Cured Early 1930’sHeS-Testimonial-Type 1 Diabetes Cured Early 1930

Health-e-Solutions comment: This story is going to bless your socks off!  Does food matter? Just ask this 84 year old vibrant mother of 6 and grandparent many times over who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes cured early 1930’s, several years after diagnosis. She is one of Belgium’s national treasures! We’d like to claim her too… 

Dear Sally and Dan,

Thank you for showing so much interest to my story. I am very impressed by the work you do to reach Type 1 Diabetics all over the world and to share with them that there is hope. I have experienced so much skepticism with the doctors or scientists to whom I told my story, and I always thought, like you and my mother, that prescribing a lifelong dependence on insulin was a terrible responsibility for a doctor, especially if there could be other ways.

I imagine how difficult it must have been for you, and still must be.

I was so happy to hear from you.  If ever my story can help any mother whose child is diagnosed with diabetes, I would be really happy!  I live in Belgium near Brussels, but for four years when I was just married, I lived in Maryland close to Washington where my husband worked as Belgian Director to the I.M.F. and World Bank.

I was most interested by Sally Roman’s story of how she treated her two diabetic boys without insulin, but with a very well-studied diet.

Over eighty years ago, in early 1930, I lived the same experience in Belgium (Europe).

When I was three or four years old, I fell very ill and the doctor diagnosed type 1 diabetes. He prescribed insulin.

My mother was an intelligent, educated and independent woman and she knew a lot about the side effects and the dependence for life with insulin, and she refused the insulin against the doctor’s advice. She decided to treat me with a no sugar no starch diet.

She tried through trial and error. As a child I was always obliged to pee in my pot so my mother or Nanny could test my urine for sugar after every meal. The composition of every meal was dutifully written down in a special notebook, with the results of the test.

At first, all sugar or starch was prohibited. I was given meat, fish, milk, eggs, nuts, some vegetables, and a gluten-biscuit for diabetics, but no other biscuits or cakes, nor bread or pasta, no sugary fruits, no carrots, and nothing else containing sugar or starch. Very slowly, different fruits or vegetables were added, when the tests would allow it.

I was given cod-liver oil and raw calf’s liver to make me strong! Horrid!

I remember when I was five or six I stole some sugar and hid it under my pillow so as to eat it in secret. My tests went bad and my theft was immediately discovered! And I was punished!

I went to elementary school at six, but took all my meals at home, except that I brought some milk to school for my ten o’clock snack, because bread was still forbidden.

Very progressively, I could eat a larger variety of food without problems, and at eleven years old, just before the war, I could eat everything. Completely cured!

I am now 84, and have enjoyed a good health with no more diabetic problems, and I had six healthy children in a row.

I am so infinitely grateful to my mother who, like Sally Roman, had the courage to go against the doctor’s advice and imagine a cure to my diabetes.

Doctors have always listened to my story with utmost skepticism. That is why I am so happy to read that the Romans are treating their children with a Health-e-Solution lifestyle.

Keep it on, it worked for me eighty years ago, and will surely work for them. (*)

(* your results may vary)

Anne is an encouragement to all of us of what is possible through natural management of type 1 diabetes. Not every person may have the same results, because everybody’s “turf” is different, but the benefits of healthier living go far beyond disease management. There is much to be said about having thriving health all the way through your life. There is the added benefit of passing along a healthier predisposition to your children and your children’s children, which the study of epigenetics is beginning to reveal scientifically.

Thank you, Anne, for sharing your wonderful story of your courageous mother’s care for you. You have been truly blessed.

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