HeConnection-ConnectedPeople occasionally tell us that they are concerned we are harming our children by changing their diet. Unfortunately, these same people are not usually interested in hearing about the amount of research and care we have put into the changes we have made. After all, these are our children we are talking about, and we love them dearly. We would not jeopardize their health.

I do not share the concern that eating more healthy food and less unhealthy food might harm my children. I do, however, have a concern that the standard American diet is going to do harm to them. I have an even greater concern over uncontrolled blood sugars. The consequences of hyper- and hypoglycemia, as well as hyperinsulinemia have been well documented in countless studies.

Some people may have controlled their blood sugars well without changing their lifestyles as much as we have. That is great. The diabetic-alkaline lifestyle has done the same, but with even better results for our two boys – it has done the same for others. Nearly everyone who implements this lifestyle see at least some benefit toward more stable blood sugars.

We remain vigilant with our boys. We eat the same as they do. We are “all in” with this lifestyle. So do we believe it is harming them? Not at all!