HeConnection-Diabetic-Alkaline-Lifestyle natural practical livable sustainableA “carbotarian” is a person living on carbohydrate foods and beverages. The majority of their dietary intake is rich in high-glycemic grains, processed foods, fast foods and, worst of all, alcohol and/or sodas (both sugar-free and regular). These foods are fueling the meteoric rise in diabetes and many other lifestyle-associated and autoimmune diseases worldwide.  They are addictive and destructive when consumed in the quantities currently found in the typical western lifestyle.

I once was a “carbotarian” and I paid the price.

It was not until two of my boys, Gabriel and Nathan, were diagnosed with type 1 diabetes that I began to understand how my high-carb lifestyle was creating a serious threat to my health. In the course of educating myself about diabetes for the sake of my boys, I discovered that I was pre-diabetic. I am thin so there was no obvious, outward risk factor for this, except that I would guzzle down a 44 ounce caffeinated, regular soda every morning to get me going. Over time, I needed the 44 ounce soda just to feel normal, rather than energized.

This is only one of many symptoms associated with being a “carbotarian.” You may not do the soda thing, but you may be “involved” with pizza, bread, bagels, pastries, chips, crackers, bagels, carb-loaded coffee or tea, and the list goes on.

Stop! Your health is at risk!

It is slow, insidious, and often times undetectable for years, but it is happening. Change now before disease progresses. If you do, you may find you feel worse before you feel better. I did for about three months, and then slowly I began to emerge from the morass of fatigue, brain fog and weakness. Now I feel steady, even, clear-headed, normal.

I consider myself a “nutritarian” now. I get nearly all of my nutrition from very low-glycemic, nutrient-dense, whole, fresh, naturally-raised, organic, alkalizing food and hydrating drinks. I encourage you to make the switch from being a “carbotarian” to a “nutritarian” for better health and better living.