Artificial Sweetener Neurobiology

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Artificial Sweetener Neurobiology – The disconnect between sweetness sensations coming from our tongue and the lack of a caloric feedback loop in the gut may result in overeating.

Health-e-Solutions comment: The Roman Diet is an excellent means by which to obtain nutrients for energy, repair and proper bodily function while maintaining optimal blood sugar control. However, some people who have additional complications related to gut health, food Health-e-Solutions-Gut-Check-Artificial Sweetener Neurobiologysensitivities and allergies and additional autoimmune diseases may need to go further to correct underlying causes. That is why we created a special report called, Gut Check – Healing the Epicenter of Chronic Disease.

In this downloadable, printable e-publication, we discuss potential problem areas and offer practical, natural solutions to improve health and diabetes control. Put your body in a position of strength by promoting, supporting and creating health. Get tools and solutions to help minimize consequences and maximize benefits for nutrition, environment, exercise, sleep and stress management.

Food in America is filled with empty calories. Although we eat all the time, we are in a state of malnutrition. The foods we eat do not contain the ingredients our bodies require to properly regulate our immune, endocrine, neurological and emotional responses. Make no mistake about it; there is a severe price to be paid for this malnutrition in the form of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, arthritis, allergies, skin disease, poor cognitive function, excessive depression and perhaps most of all, exaggerated aging.

One of the Primary Food Filters we employ to help us select only the best foods for thriving health and better blood sugar control is to determine the nutrient density of foods. We have not yet grasped the concept of nutrient density as we should. We are led to believe that processed foods labeled “low-fat” or “low-carb,” and “artificially sweetened” make up a healthy diet.

Nutrient Density is a critical concept in dietary and nutritional considerations. Not merely vitamins and minerals, but adequate consumption of phytochemicals is essential for proper functioning of the immune system and to enable our body’s detoxification and cellular repair mechanisms that protect us from chronic diseases. Our Primary Food Filters downloadable, printable special report will fully equip you to make the best food and ingredient choices following the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle to #MasterDiabetesNaturally.