Avoiding What May Come Down the RoadHeS-lifestyle-Solutions-Road-Avoiding What May Come

Health-e-Solutions comment: Are you concerned about what may lie ahead with diabetes? It is a good reason to begin now to change your trajectory by transforming your lifestyle for thriving health. As this awesome mother of two says, even though it may be difficult at first,  “It is so worth it” to avoid future complications.

“It is so worth it. We are gluten, dairy and sugar free. We limit fruits and high-glycemic foods. We do eat grass fed beef, pastured chicken (both of which we raise so we know where the animals are coming from) and wild caught fish.

“Our daughter is on very minimal amounts of long and fast acting.

“We have found that she can’t be without at least the minimal amounts of insulin even on the [Health-e-Solutions lifestyle]. But we are eating non-GMO organic foods and are keeping her and our other child as healthy as we can and hopefully we can avoid all the complications down the road that come with diabetes.” *

(* results may vary)

While children typically adapt rather quickly, my own adaptation experience took longer. I am so glad I stuck with the lifestyle changes, focusing on food first. It has made such a difference in my health, and the health of my entire family.

Home-Study-Course-Video-Audio-Avoiding What May ComeOur recipe e-books, workshops and home study course will teach you how to transform your lifestyle in a #PracticalLivableSustainable way for better living. You will enjoy a natural, innovative way to help master type1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes with healthy, natural, whole, #VeryLowGlycemic, low #InsulinDemand foods. There is strong evidence that better blood sugar control – without the roller-coaster ride of highs and lows – results in better health outcomes and fewer complications in the years ahead.