Bernstein- Opposite Diabetes Treatment Orthodoxy

Bernstein- Opposite Diabetes Treatment Orthodoxy

Bernstein- Opposite Diabetes Treatment Orthodoxy – In the book, Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution, it says, you will find that he had to develop his program almost completely outside the mainstream of diabetology, due to their lack of acceptance. In fact, “What Dr. Bernstein learned in healing himself [he has been a T1D for 65 years now] – and what he passes along to his patients – is almost exactly the opposite of the prevailing orthodoxy in diabetes treatment.”

Health-e-Solutions Comment: There is much research on beta cell regeneration these days. We want our boys to have as many of their beta cells preserved as possible. We believe, like Dr. Bernstein, that blood sugar management (together with the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle) is absolutely a critical component to preserving or even regenerating beta cells. If that means following a healthy lifestyle considered to be completely outside the mainstream of diabetology, then we are resolved to do so.

The Honeymoon Period

Dr Bernsteinalso says, “I’m convinced the honeymoon period can be prolonged indefinitely. The trick is to assist the pancreas, keep it as quiescent as possible. Limit your total carbohydrate intake to avoid overworking any remaining insulin-producing beta cells of your pancreas. Research has demonstrated that beta cell burnout can be slowed or halted by normalizing blood sugars.”

Health-e-Solutions Comment: By giving the pancreas “a vacation” with The Roman Diet, you may be saving remaining beta cells from burnout, helping the pancreas improve its functionality. If this can be achieved with little or no added insulin, that is even better!

HeS-Better-Health-Brighter-Days-Natural-Bernstein- Opposite Diabetes Treatment OrthodoxyThe #TypicalWesternLifestyle is killing us with chronic diseases, and you can help lead the way in a healthy new direction. We have seen our two boys with type 1 diabetes grow and thrive since January of 2008 when we started on this journey with the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle.  You can travel this road better equipped than we were! Our Recipe e-Books provide alternatives to the typical high-carb, low nutrition foods that are standard fare for the typical western diet. Our Home Study Course teaches you how to implement the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle in a #PracticalLivableSustainable way for better #BloodSugarControl and thriving health. It will save you so much of the time and effort we spent learning, studying and experimenting to find the healthiest way possible to #MasterDiabetes. Our support services can make the difference between success and failure during your transformation. And our Natural Solutions will take you deeper into practical application and underlying research. We think it can form the foundation for a natural, way to better #ControlDiabetesNaturally – all types of diabetes, even (and especially) type 1 diabetes.