Blood Sugars in Non-Diabetic Range after 4-5 Years!LetYourFoodBeYourMedicine-Non-Diabetic Range

Health-e-Solutions comment: Can blood sugars really return to a Non-Diabetic Range after 4-5 Years with the disease using insulin? This was posted on the Health-e-Solutions #DiabetesMastered Facebook page by a woman who has had great success with the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle.

“Quite a few months ago, I met a lady at church with a [type 1 diabetic] son who was diagnosed when he was 16 (he is now 20 or 21). I told her about Health-e-Solutions and my son’s story and her son ordered the Ultimate Cookbook. He was already a vegetarian, but this still was quite a switch even so. Anyway, he ended up getting off all his insulin and had his blood sugars go down to a non-diabetic range, even after having been on insulin for 4-5 years! We continue to marvel at that every time we talk.” *

(* results may vary)

This is how we think type 1 diabetes should be managed: diet first, drugs – if needed – after. Unfortunately, the reverse is what is taught and told to those newly diagnosed. We encourage you to purchase our recipe e-books or our Home Study Course to see how well you respond to healthy food and lifestyle changes.

HeS Right Carbs-Non-Diabetic RangeLet us help you shorten the learning curve by setting you on the path toward improved blood sugar control and better living. Our Recipe e-Books provide alternatives to the typical high-carb, low nutrition foods that are standard fare for the typical western diet. Our Home Study Course teaches you how to implement the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle in a practical and livable way. We think the lifestyle can form the foundation for a natural way to better manage all types of diabetes, putting the body in a position of strength for better living. All of our products and services are designed to help shorten your learning curve to achieve the greatest success in managing blood sugars naturally.