Boy with Type 1 Diabetes No Longer Needs Insulin While on a HeS Lifestyle

Here is what the parents of this boy with Type 1 diabetes had to say:

Chase T1D-Boy with Type 1 DiabetesOur son Chase just wasn’t right in October of 2010.  Nothing too serious but we noticed he wasn’t himself. A trip to the doctor led to the emergency room where his blood sugar level was nearly 600 and his A1c was 10.7. Chase also tested positive for Islet cell antibodies, GAD antibodies and insulin antibodies. His thyroid test results were also abnormal.

A variety of nurses, counselors and doctors came in assuring Chase he was going to be ok, normal, and that he could manage his disease by taking shots.  I’ll never forget when he turned and looked me straight in the eye and said “so I’m going to have to do this the rest of my life?” That’s a very long time for an eleven year old.  We were more than a little surprised that the doctor’s program did not include dietary restrictions. “Keep eating the same old American diet,” they said, “and take shots to counteract what you are doing to yourself.”

We went on a mission to determine what we could do to preserve Chase’s insulin production and hopefully restore it.  Within a few weeks of implementing dietary changes, with our doctor’s approval, Chase was completely off insulin – no more shots, no waking up and checking his blood sugar in the middle of his night, no constant fear he may overdose on insulin.

We discovered the importance of the body’s alkalinity and began to focus on developing an alkaline lifestyle.  It has been almost a year since Chase was diagnosed and his A1C results are improving. His last A1c in July of 2011 was 6.3, below the standard care target range for someone with T1D.

Sally and Health-e-Solutions have really focused our efforts with Chase.  Before we were doing ok, but really just wandering in the dark. We now have a well-lit path and plan to sustain and increase Chase’s health. The key now is to implement what we have learned and are learning. We are very thankful that there is another way, that Chase is motivated to make the changes, and that we have hope for a better future for our son. *

(* results may vary)

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