Callum's StoryCallum’s Story: From a Life Sentence to Freedom

The following compelling and personal story was shared with us by Ailsa from Canada. It is Callum’s stroy. It is a wonderful story that takes you along with them on their journey; beginning with the day Callum was “sentenced to a life of counting carbs and injecting insulin.” This inspirational journey brings you up-to-date on how the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle “has enabled Callum to live an abundantly healthier and happier life and has given him a much brighter future” – a life of freedom!

February 5th, 2011 – a day we will never forget. Our oldest boy, Stuart was playing in a hockey tournament and in the first game took a check from behind into the boards.  So, off to emergency we went to find out if his hand was broken.

“Perhaps we should take Callum as well,” I said.  I had tried to get Callum into his doctor but the earliest appointment was still two weeks away. The excessive thirst that Callum had been experiencing had now turned into night time trips to the washroom and then to the kitchen for more water. That was when we realized that something was definitely wrong. Dave, my husband was at one end of the hospital with Callum and I was at the other with Stuart.

Diagnosis: a broken hand for Stuart and diabetes for Callum. Callum’s A1c at the hospital was 15.2 and his blood glucose level was 30.4 mmol/L (547 mg/dL) – Yikes! He also had ketones in his urine. A broken hand will heal. Not so, we were told, with diabetes.

Two nights in the hospital and three days of diabetes school had sentenced us to a life of counting carbs and injecting insulin. I had always taken an interest in nutrition and diligently fed my family the best possible way I knew.  Somehow, the dietary protocol given to us at the hospital did not make sense. We immediately eliminated sugar and began baking healthier treats.

Our local vitamin store is a treasure trove of educated individuals in alternative care. After collecting information for our plan of action we put things into motion. Testing on an Asyra System told us that Callum had sensitivity to wheat and dairy products so these were immediately eliminated. I continued to bake with organic spelt. We started him on various supplements – niacinamide, omega 3 fish oils and gluco-regulator.  I was told about Victoria Boutenko’s “green smoothies,” which led to the purchase of a Vita-Mix. These wonderful healing drinks have been a constant in Callum’s diet although we no longer add the fruit to them as we did in the beginning.

Slowly Callum’s need for insulin began to decrease and with constant monitoring we could continually bring down the doses. Initially, Callum was taking both rapid-acting and long-acting insulin at breakfast and dinner. The first to be eliminated were the evening doses, eventually ending up with just a small dose of long-acting insulin at breakfast. It was a very thrilling time to see his need for insulin go down, evidence that the long hours spent researching at the computer were paying off.

It took me a while to discover Dr. Young’s the pH Miracle for Diabetes.  Renewed hope that something could really be done to reverse diabetes was in the testimonial given by the Roman family. I ordered the book at once. We now had new information to help us on our path of healing.

One day Callum’s blood sugar started to rise, so it was back to the computer for an answer. In desperation I phoned Dr. Young’s office to see if they could offer any assistance to our situation and was told I could email any inquiries. What I really wanted, I thought to myself, was to talk to this mother of the two boys in the testimonial. A few days later I received a surprise phone call from Sally Roman in Arizona. Talk about ‘ask and you shall receive”! It was then that I learned of the website and the upcoming Health-e-Solutions workshop at the end of June, 2011.

Our trip to Arizona included a visit with Dr. Mona Morstein as well as attending the workshop given by the Roman family. Dr. Morstein went over the particulars and recommended various supplements. We continue to have phone consultations with Dr. Mona to discuss any issues that may arise.

We had a wonderful day with the Roman family learning the [Health-e-Solutoins lifestyle] and how to prepare the recipes. Coming away we were armed with all the necessary tools to keep Callum as healthy as possible and the information to deal with his condition in the best way possible. Two weeks after the workshop we eliminated insulin altogether and Callum has not taken any since.

Getting some of the blood tests done that seem to be routine in the states is a different story here in Canada. We did manage to have 2 of the antibody tests done (GAD65 and insulin antibodies), which both came back positive. Callum has had two hemoglobin A1c tests – the first done in mid-August was 5.7 and the second one at the end of September was 5.5. Callum checks his blood sugar upon waking, before lunch, after school, before dinner and after dinner or bedtime. On the weekends we try to check 1.5 hours after eating a meal to determine how and what food affects him. Callum continues to follow the “right carb” way of eating and we do incorporate organic eggs, poultry and wild seafood, mainly salmon on a regular basis.

How and why does one get diabetes? Unfortunately there are no cut and dry answers to this question. In Callum’s 14 years he has never eaten at McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell or any other fast food restaurant. He was allowed one Slurpee a year and very rarely drank pop. He was vegetarian until age 10 and always had organic milk and chicken. I can count on one hand the times he has eaten red meat. No one in either of our families has diabetes. The Roman’s say it is ‘a perfect storm’ of many factors that contribute to this condition and in Callum’s case I feel it was puberty that pushed him over the edge.

How is Callum now? Naturally he is bummed that he has diabetes but is happy not to take insulin. He misses the food that he used to eat but knows the consequences of doing so would be detrimental. I know in his heart he is very hopeful for a cure.  The endocrinologist says he is having a “very strong honeymoon period” and we hope it stays that way with the only changes being those for the better. We still have the challenges of growth spurts, stress and exercise that effect Callum’s blood sugars but every day of stable numbers all without insulin are a true blessing.

Having the support of the Romans in dealing with Callum’s diabetes has been monumental and there isn’t a day goes by that I am not grateful for that “surprise phone call”. The many dietary changes we have adopted are all definitely worth the effort and have now become part of our day to day routine.  We are extremely grateful for the freedom of not counting carbs, checking blood sugars in the middle of the night and worrying about excessive highs and lows. The Roman’s [Health-eSolutions lifestyle] has enabled Callum to live an abundantly healthier and happier life and has given him a much brighter future.  For that we are eternally grateful. *

(* results may vary)

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