7 Reasons Cheat Meals Fail


HeConnection-Health-e-Tips-Cheat Meals FailCheat Meals Fail. If you are a foodie, then you only have two choices. 1) Try to learn to eat in moderation again. Give willpower another shot and allow yourself to have cheat meals every now and then. 2) Never eat these foods again. No cheat meals, not ever.

Here are 7 reasons why cheat meals fail and #2 is the better choice:

  1. Your Body Won’t Fully Adapt to the Healthy Diet
  • When you drastically change the way you eat, a certain adaptation process needs to take place.
  • For example, if you’re doing a low-carb [or very low-glycemic] diet, then your body needs to change certain hormones and ramp up production of enzymes to make use of fat as the primary source of fuel.
  • If you keep cheating, you will prevent this metabolic adaptation from ever fully completing.
  • Also, when you abandon the standard western diet and start eating more real foods, it can take some time for the sense of taste to adapt. With time, real foods start to taste much better.
  • If you cheat and eat junk foods frequently, your taste sensations won’t adapt completely and you won’t be able to experience the same satisfaction from real foods.
  1. Eating Junk Foods Feeds the Addiction
  • If you keep having something that you’re addicted to, it just keeps the addiction going. In this case, having “everything in moderation” isn’t a good idea as it will be almost impossible to maintain.
  • If you crave junk foods all the time and keep giving in to these cravings, it will just make them even stronger. Avoid these foods completely and the cravings will diminish over time.
  1. You Might Binge and Eat Way Too Much
  • Some people can binge like there’s no tomorrow and ruin a week’s worth of dieting in one sitting.
  • In 1 episode of binge eating you might consume two days’ worth of calories.
  1. You May Feel Guilty Afterwards
  • Ever feel bloated, guilty and miserable after eating junk food?
  • That’s pretty common, actually.
  • The cheat meal may give you some pleasure while you are eating it, but it sure as hell won’t make you feel good afterwards.
  1. Junk Food is Bad For You
  • Junk food is bad for you (duh) and that is probably the reason you gave it up in the first place.
  • Having a pizza with some ice cream once a week may not seem like a big deal compared to people who eat this crap every single day. But eating these junk foods once a week is still clearly worse than having none at all.
  1. Knowing That Cheating is Not an Option Makes Things Easier
  • Some people think that having cheat meals or days every now and then makes sticking to a diet easier.
  • That may be true for some people, but it does NOT apply to food addicts or anyone who has started having problems with cravings and losing control over their consumption of addictive foods.
  • When a cheat meal is not an option, it makes sticking to a diet much, much easier.
  1. These Nasty Ingredients Will Never Completely Leave Your Body
  • Many of the nasty ingredients in junk foods can linger in the body for a while and it takes a long time to fully recover from their effects.
  • If you keep eating them, they will never completely leave your body.

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