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We had the very great pleasure to be interviewed by Dr. Kim and Dr. Mario, the Thrive doctors for their radio show.

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Dr. Kim and Dr. Mario are fully licensed practicing physicians, husband and wife, who teach the science behind what makes us well, and how to turn on this Life Force to consistently experience vitality.

After years in medical practice it has become evident to both Dr. Kim and Dr. Mario that the highest good they could do as physicians was to make patients aware of the source of wellness within themselves and educate them in how to open it up. They have applied these principles in their own lives and found reliable ways to work with this sThrive Doctorsource within to channel it into what they most want to experience in their own lives.

In our interview with Dr. Kim and Dr. Mario, we discuss how we have come to understand just how important a person’s outlook on their life, health and challenges is to their success and healing. We talk about the four foundational principles that make up our framework for optimal blood sugar control and health.

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