Common Diet Mistakes Health Nuts Make


HeConnection-Health-e-Tips-Common Diet Mistakes Health Nuts MakeCommon Diet Mistakes Health Nuts Make – There are phases we typically go through while learning to eat right and take control of our health. We tend to replace our bad habits with less harmful, but still bad habits.

Relying on supplements

On the road to health, we often turn to supplements and tinctures for a quick fix. They usually work better and faster than conventional treatments when the tinctures and supplements are high quality. But none of these “cures” get to the root of the problem. Natural remedies that do not address the cause have a very important and overlooked side effect – they mask symptoms, allowing us to continue to live our toxic lifestyles.

The foundation of health comes from the food you eat. Supplements should be used to supplement your diet, not to replace it.

Too much organic junk food

Just because it’s labeled organic, or vegan, or natural, does not mean it’s healthy. Refined food, prepackaged food, “snack” food should be severely limited. There is a direct correlation to health and well-being and the elimination of processed foods.

Too much eating out

This is a tough one. Even the healthiest restaurants still produce food that is not good for you. Restaurants, for a myriad of reasons, cannot prepare healthy nutritious meals as well as you can at home. The fact is, health food restaurants should be a treat; conventional restaurants should be avoided.

Too much sugar

Typically, sugar is the last thing a health nut is willing to give up. Sugar cane juice, brown rice syrup, agave nectar, and every other natural sweetener that comes to mind, save stevia, have something in common; they are refined sugars. And refined sugars feed and/or promote viruses, bacteria, Candida and other fungi, and virtually all other parasites that affect us. They also contribute to nearly every other ailment.

Too much juicing

The juices and the smoothies with juice fall under the same category as sugar. When you juice fruits and sweeter vegetables, you lose a lot of nutrition. This includes fiber that helps slow the absorption of sugar and feeds your friendly gut bacteria. In effect, you are refining your own produce, turning it into simple sugars, when you juice.

Juicing regularly has its place. Juicing produce with very little sugar is a nice way to get a lot of nutrition into your body at once (it’s just not so pleasant to my palate). Also, there are people who are so sick that they cannot digest whole foods. Furthermore, when detoxifying, juicing can be a way to get in nutrition easily without making your body work for it while it is overburdened with the release of toxins.

Too little produce

For many people, this is the last step to regaining your health and living a life full of vitality without aches and pains. Fresh, raw, and organic (whenever possible) produce is the key to health. Eighty percent of your diet should be raw produce.

Do not let a lack of organic food choices stop you. Conventional raw produce is better than organic frozen produce, provided the food is not genetically modified (GMO) or one of the “dirty dozen”. (  I am not saying don’t buy organic. Let me stress that. Buy organic whenever possible! Just don’t let a lack of organic produce turn you towards the less beneficial packaged foods.


There are few shortcuts in life that work and this holds true for health as well. It takes time, patience, dedication, and discipline. I promise you this: it’s an investment that is well worth it.

House-of-Health-Common Diet Mistakes Health Nuts MakePut your body in a position of strength by promoting, supporting and creating health. Poor health feeds poor health in a vicious cycle, or negative feedback loop that is increasingly difficult to break the longer it runs. Improving health creates a positive feedback loop instead. Get tools and solutions to help minimize consequences and maximize benefits for nutrition, environment, exercise, sleep and stress management. These five health components make up the five pillars of health and nutrition in the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle. We’ll teach you how to improve each of these areas to help you master diabetes in the healthiest way possible.