“Completely Gobsmacked at Her New HbA1c”

HeConnection-Health-Insurance--Completely GobsmackedA family in New Zealand shared an inspiring note about their success with the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle. They have seen such positive changes:

“Just wanted to let you know, [our daughter] had a clinic appointment today and we are completely gobsmacked at her new HbA1c. About 7 months ago it was 111 [12.3%] (which is the number to call for emergency in NZ) About 4 months ago, a few weeks after deciding we needed to follow the HeS lifestyle more closely, it was 86 [10%]. The staff were well impressed with the drop.  Today it was 37!!!! [5.5%] I don’t think [our daughter] really knows how awesome she has been!

“Thank you so much for your support.” *

We are so proud of this family. This is a remarkable achievement! This places their daughter below the threshold where most microvascular damage may occur.

This is why we say until we have a cure for type 1 diabetes, it is our opinion that mastering this disease in the healthiest way possible through lifestyle innovations as a priority over drug therapies is vital.

It is not only vital, it is doable!

Health-e-Solutions Recipe e-Books-Completely GobsmackedIt is important for optimal blood sugar control today, but it can help put your body in a position of strength for tomorrow – for that day when the cure for type 1 diabetes may be found. Our recipe e-books, workshops and home study course will teach you how to transform your lifestyle in a practical, livable way for long term sustainability and better living. Our support services can make the difference between success and failure during your transformation. And our advanced resources will take you deeper into practical application and underlying research. Let us help you shorten the learning curve to successful lifestyle transformation by setting you on the path toward optimal blood sugar control and better living.