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We received this awesome message from a person in Arizona, who bought our Ultimate Recipe e-Book.

“Your cookbook [was recommended] by my doctor, Mona Morstein.  I would just love to thank Grace for her granola recipe, it is truly delicious, satisfying and just plain wonderful.  In my struggle all this time with type 2 , Dr Mona is the first to give me the fast results I needed and your cookbook well I just can’t say enough.

“Thank you thank you Grace.  I love it!”

We are always so happy to hear from people who are having success. It is, after all, our goal & PASSION to help others overcome their disease in the healthiest way possible. Grace’s Great Granola recipe is just one of 125 great-tasting, extremely low-glycemic, nutrient-dense recipes in the Ultimate Recipe e-Book. We encourage you to purchase it and experience better health and blood sugar control on your journey to better health.