HeConnection-Diabetic-Alkaline-Lifestyle natural practical livable sustainableThis Facebook post will encourage you to view the diabetic-alkaline lifestyle as a means by which to improve the health and well-being of your entire family. We have seen remarkable changes in many aspects of our physical well-being over the last several years, not the least of which is in our skin tone and improved gut health.

“I first started talking to Sally almost 2 years ago and although [our son] is not off insulin the gluten free/dairy free has greatly improved our families lifestyle. We have strong Irish heritage in our family and we are more prone to autoimmune disease. My family growing up had many gut problems and I have had many too. Before I started making gluten free bread, I had a real problem with scaly skin on both my legs. I thought it was just because I was not getting enough to drink. Later my friend’s daughter who was recently diagnosed with Celiac disease was telling me all the symptoms and the dry scaly skin was one of them. Since becoming gluten free the skin is back to normal. I have never been tested but I would not be surprised if I had this. Seems like diabetes, thyroid disease and Celiac disease are [buddies]. I am so thankful I was led to Sally via the internet while I was still searching for the best for my son.”

We rarely talk about the potential side benefits of the diabetic-alkaline lifestyle, which helps primarily with better blood sugar control, but the above testimony is certainly in line with our experience as well. We think research supports the idea that most autoimmune diseases start in the gut. If we can work on healing and sealing the gut, then many of the autoimmune symptoms tend to become reduced, or even disappear.