Latest Diabetes Treatment- Immunotherapy


HeConnection-Treatment-Prevention-Latest Diabetes Treatment- ImmunotherapyLatest Diabetes Treatment- Immunotherapy. Diabetes is a systemic metabolic disorder involving disorders of glucose, lipid and proteins. Additionally, abnormal activity of the immune system also takes part in its development and progression. Most of patients with diabetes can keep their blood sugar levels under control by medications, insulin, exercise and healthy diet. Of course, well controlled blood sugar level can reduce the risk of developing complications, but it is far from enough to manage diabetes completely. Although some people control their blood sugar in targeted levels, they may still develop some serious complications. Therefore, aggressive treatment is quite necessary to control diabetes. Immunotherapy is a comprehensive and new treatment for diabetes.

Immunotherapy is not a single treatment, but a complete treatment system involving different kinds of treatment methods.

Accurate Diagnosis

In treating diabetes, the first step of immunotherapy is accurate and scientific diagnosis. Blood glucose test and Hab1c level test are often performed to evaluate condition in most hospitals. But more tests are needed to give an overall diagnosis, such as damage degree of islet beta cells, types of antibodies caused by abnormal immune response, inflammation state etc. Only if we know the condition accurately and thoroughly, will the most suitable treatment plan be made.

Immune Clearance and Blocking

The second step is the most important for treating diabetes. It can be described as immune clearance and immune blocking. Due to metabolic disorders, hemoglobin, serum albumin, lipid etc., will be glycosylated [AGEs], losing their normal function, but becoming wastes in blood. If these wastes exist in body, they can cause persistent damage to body organs and systems such as kidneys, brain, liver etc. Additionally, they also can cause inflammation of islet beta cells. If so, the patients’ condition will become worse and a myriad of complications will occur gradually. Immune blocking can suppress the inflammation of islet beta cells, thus stopping further damage to the cells. Meanwhile, immune clearance can help remove the wastes from blood completely, thus stopping further damage to body organs and systems and eliminating the inducing factors of inflammation completely.

Immune Tolerance, Regulation and Protection

The third step of immunotherapy for treating diabetes is divided into immune tolerance, immune regulation and immune protection. Immune tolerance aims at preventing the relapse of inflammation in islet beta cells and other body parts to stop damage to other organs and systems. Immune regulation is used to correct immune dysfunction and rebuild normal immunity. This can prevent abnormal activities of immune system and production of pathogenic antibodies. Finally, immune protection can repair the damaged beta cells and other cells in body, which can bring better control of blood sugar levels and other complications.

Immunotherapy can treat diabetes from a comprehensive view. Therefore, it can not only correct the metabolic disorders, but also control the associated complications effectively.

Health-e-Solutions comment

The stated goals of immunotherapy above are what we would love to achieve through dietary and lifestyle changes, if possible. It could be that several of the above treatment objectives were achieved through lifestyle changes in some people we have met. We have seen a number of people become antibody-negative and remain very stable with blood glucose levels. Even so, we believe a return to previous dietary and lifestyle habits will simply set in motion the same triggers and drivers that precipitated the disease in the first place. We are not in favor of immune blocking if it involves immune-suppressing drugs. We would rather see if there are any means by which to accomplish the same objective by eliminating environmental triggers and drivers. We much prefer to calm the immune system, not block it from doing its job.

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