Distraction: Enemy Number One


Health-e-Solutions-Planning-Targeting-Success-Distraction: Enemy Number OneDistraction: Enemy Number One – There is a big reason why Americans are so sick. And it is not because there is some undiscovered treatment, drug or Holy Grail. It is because taking action is becoming harder and harder in our lives of distraction. Distraction is the enemy.

New information plus new actions equals change. And change is what you want if you’re struggling with poor health and poorly controlled blood sugars.

Learning can lead to behavior change. However, to change behavior you have to avoid the distractions. For example, there are 5 simple pillars in the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle for supporting health and mastering diabetes in the healthiest way possible. Yet it is highly unlikely that you do them every day. In fact, I don’t even do them every day.

  1. Eat more vegetables
  2. Play or move every day
  3. Get 8 hours of sleep
  4. Manage your stress levels
  5. Keep your personal environment clean

These are mind-blowingly simple (not necessarily easy). Nevertheless even I don’t manage to get them done 7 days a week.

The reason is distraction.

We Are More Distracted Than Ever

And because of that less and less new action is being taken. We must start taking back our focused attention from things like…

  • TV Shows
  • Sports Programs
  • Smart Phones
  • Tablets
  • Computers
  • Social Media
  • The News
  • Movies
  • Video Games

These things consume our attention and willpower to a degree never seen in human history. If we are doing these “activities” – and I use that term loosely for these distractions – on a regular basis it is difficult to concentrate enough to take new actions consistently, especially when that new action initially is unpleasant, unnatural to us, boring or isn’t as pleasurable as the above distractions?

However, once you actually LEARN new habits they become pleasurable and fun. And soon two months later the old distractions become less pleasurable, perhaps even distasteful.

I have enough experience to know that my days just work better – they are more pleasurable and less painful when I eat healthy, nutritious, whole, very low-glycemic foods. Now, if I don’t do it, my brain reminds me all day long.

The Right Information + Dedicated Action = Desired Change

There are actually 2 keys to achieving your desired outcomes:

  1. Finding the right information that applies to you
  2. Then, figuring out how to take dedicated new actions

Here’s the rub: Your brain doesn’t want you to – change, that is. That’s why it is so hard to do. Neuroplasticity was a great breakthrough but what it teaches us about current patterns of behaviors is almost as important as the knowledge that we can change our brains.

The way we currently do things is the preferred way – the easy way. And if you are going to change you’ll need to break through this…

If your goal is better blood sugar control and improving health – naturally – what are you willing to give up to get what you want? What are you going to doing going forward, distract yourself or make changes?

We believe you can do great things using the formula above and we are ready to support you if you are ready to make changes that can have long-lasting health benefits, improving blood sugar control via natural means.

We tend to limit health to nutritional, metabolic and exercise factors. Collectively, we haven’t quite made the connection that health is also given by who we are, how we think, what we feel and believe, how we conduct ourselves in the world. Mental, emotional, physical, social and spiritual factors, what we call our outlook on life, all play a tremendous role in developing the healthiest lifestyle for optimal blood sugar control and long term success. Health is not just about what we do (diet, exercise, etc.), it’s also about who we are at the deepest place of our being. This 113-page downloadable, printable special report onImproving Your Outlook is an essential resource for your long term success. It is often overlooked, but we have found that a person’s outlook on life greatly impacts their health, and health can greatly impact a person’s outlook. This is a critical component to mastering diabetes in the healthiest way possible

Health-e-Solutions-Outlook-Distraction: Enemy Number OneWe organized our Advanced Resources under what we call our Framework of HOPE. This is the framework that categorizes and systematizes what we have learned for success in building a healthier lifestyle with optimal blood sugar control, greater confidence, sustainability and satisfaction while managing type 1 diabetes.  If we knew – really understood and embraced – these concepts in their entirety when we started in 2008, it would have saved us hours, days, weeks and months of grief, time, expense and learning. Our recipe e-books, workshops, home study course, support services, and advanced resources can take years off your learning curve. We have put together what we have learned into a comprehensive package to make it easier for you to start on the right foot, no matter where you are starting.