HeConnection-Diabetic-Alkaline-Lifestyle natural practical livable sustainableSometimes I struggle getting started with doing something because I want to do it perfectly. I am afraid what might happen if I don’t get it exactly right. When that happens I can easily end up doing nothing if I don’t push through and just get started.

When I started the diabetic-alkaline lifestyle with Gabriel and Nathan in 2008, I made plenty of mistakes. We are, in fact, still learning today. But Dan and I never imagined achieving the results we have experienced. We would have been happy just to keep great nutrition in our kids and put their bodies in a position of strength for some future cure for type 1 diabetes. Indeed, that was our goal at the outset, even though finding a cure was always on our minds.

I often think about what we would have missed if we did not at least try the possible, however improbable it may have been. I am grateful for the results our lifestyle changes have provided the entire family. Putting our sons’ bodies in a position of strength for a future cure has afforded them such wonderful freedom and stability in diabetes management. It has exceeded our hopes and inspired even bigger dreams.

We encourage you not to let the perfect be the enemy of the possible. Get started today! There are no guarantees, but at least you’ll discover the possible. You might even get lucky and find the perfect!