“Down to 1 Injection of 3 Units of Insulin per Day”LetYourFoodBeYourMedicine-Down to 1 Injection

Down to 1 Injection! It is always encouraging to hear of other people’s success with diet and lifestyle changes. It makes us want to redouble our efforts to stay on this road to better blood sugar control and thriving health. Even though it is a road less traveled, it is well worth the effort.

The experience may alter the course of your health and wellbeing in a positive direction. Listen to this family’s comment about the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle, which they implemented after their son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes: *

(* results may vary)

“Our family has been using the [Health-e-Solutions] recipes over a month now. Our son is down to 1 injection and 3 units of insulin/day (from 4 injections & 20+ units of insulin when leaving hospital 2 months ago). His A1C is now 6.9 down from 8.6 a month ago.

“Thank you!”

Here is an update in response to the possibility it is his honeymoon phase:

Whatever it is called, he is 5 1/2 months post diagnosis now, down to 1 unit of insulin, rarely spikes but still trending low too often. He eats tons (a lot of Health-e-solutions recipes) & has gained weight. He goes back to pediatric endocrinologist soon and we are hoping he can eliminate the 1 unit. Last Dr visit in Dec A1C was 5.5 (Home test same day was 5.8) Recent home test 5.7.”

To this we say, Well done family! This may be a honeymoon period, but we know others following the HeS lifestyle 3 years and more with no insulin requirement! If it is a honeymoon phase, we’ll take it!

HeS-Products-Services-Down to 1 InjectionOur Recipe e-Books and home study course options equip you with the information and recipes you need to employ a practical, sustainable Health-e-Solutions lifestyle. Our advanced resources and lab review will help you improve your lifestyle, control diabetes, evaluate your progress and understand the tests required to monitor diabetes. We are convinced this is the healthiest way to manage auto-immune & lifestyle diseases, such as type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

We believe living the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle can take you much farther down the road to good health than will any other lifestyle. We think this lifestyle can put your body in a position of strength to protect, preserve, and possibly even restore health.

We hope this family’s change of direction inspires you and gives you hope and motivation to do the same in your life! We’d love to hear your story, so please leave your comments below.