Eat More Vegetables 3 Easy Ways


HeConnection-Health-e-Tips-Eat More VegetablesWhile some people love to eat vegetables, there are definitely those who don’t. Let us help you eat more vegetables with some of the tricks for incorporating more vegetables into your daily diet. Here are 3 Easy Ways to Eat More Vegetables

Many of us think of vegetables as something we eat at a main meal, but that’s not necessarily the case. Of course, we highly recommend eating vegetables at every meal; but you can also sneak in servings of vegetables into your sauces, smoothies and snacks. With that said, here are three tips for eating more vegetables:

  1. Blend Vegetables Into Your Sauces – If you don’t necessarily like the texture or direct taste of vegetables, you can easily blend various vegetables like eggplant, celery, spinach and other leafy greens into your pasta sauce, for example. Blending veggies into sauces has worked great for many people who want the nutrients of vegetables, but don’t like the texture or taste of certain types.
  1. Snack on Green Smoothies – Another way to sneak in vegetables into your daily diet is to use them in a green smoothie. When we say “green,” we don’t only mean green vegetables. Many people only use greens, but you can use other vegetables with coloring like peppers, cabbage, tomatoes, etc., to add nutrients to your diet.

Most fruits will boost the sugar content of the smoothie. Use vegetables with a little bit of very low-glycemic fruit for flavoring, like lemons or limes or a few berries like strawberries and mulberries. If you would like to add in some protein, consider grinding almonds or other nut slivers into powder and blending it into the smoothie. This way, you know that absolutely everything in your smoothie is straight from nature.

  1. Use Vegetables as Dipping Tools – Finally, most of us think we need to use crackers or chips for dipping, but vegetables are a much healthier option for dipping into salsa, nut butters, hummus or dressings. By using vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, celery, and peppers for dipping, you’ll keep your waistline trim and up your nutrient intake. By the way, these options can potentially help increase your energy levels as well – instead of making you feel sluggish, as is the case with processed starches like chips and crackers.

So, when you think of getting your daily veggies in, don’t just think of meal times. By thinking outside the box, you’ll more easily get all the nutrients you need in any given day.

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