I am going camping this week with my 2 oldest children and others their age (college age). I expect I will be the old man of the group, probably twice the age of the lot of them. I will be off the grid May 17-20, hopefully returning in one piece by the weekend.

We are going to one of the most beautiful places in the world: Havasupai Canyon, which is part of the Grand Canyon. The stark contrasts between the turquoise-blue water, the red rock canyon walls and the bright Arizona sun is a sight you must experience to fully appreciate. While these waterfalls show up on lots of calendars, the photographs simply cannot do them justice.

The river and waterfalls are on an Indian reservation. There is no development near the several beautiful waterfalls along the river that feeds them. It is a 10 mile hike in and out of this canyon to get to the river and first waterfall. There are no roads. You can rent a donkey to take you in and out if you can’t make the hike. There is no running water, electricity or anything else. If you want it, you have to bring it – on your back. The number of people allowed into the canyon at any time is strictly controlled by the Indians. You have to submit a request to them well in advance in order to reserve a date. The slots fill up quickly.

I am going to try to eat alkaline while camping there for 4 days. This should be an experience. I will let you know if I am successful. I plan on taking lots of nuts, seeds, home-made alkaline crackers and almond bread, some green powder and alkaline drops.

Talk to you back at the top!