Fail Successfully


HeConnection-HeS-Lifestyle-Fail SuccessfullyYou can see failure as a reason to stop what you are doing, or you can ask yourself why you failed and then learn from your mistakes. Fail successfully! Mistakes can be a valuable part of life’s curriculum.

We failed many times along the way to discovery of the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle. We are thankful for those on whose shoulders we were able to stand in the beginning. They pointed us in the right direction. But there was much to learn… and unlearn along the way. The road has not been a straight path to success. Each failure helped us understand better what to embrace, and what to avoid.

We would all would do well to fail frequently so we can learn a great deal more than someone who is afraid to fail and therefore takes little risk.

If you have passion for what you are doing and aim high, good things may happen even if it takes a lot of failing to accomplish them.

Accidents, failures, and mistakes can often lead us to our greatest successes, open us to our true interests and inspire hope for a better future. We encourage you to embrace your current challenges as opportunities to find new interests and optimal blood sugar control for improving health. We would love to share our success with you to point you in the right direction for mastering diabetes in the healthiest way possible.

HeS-Workshop-Personal-Fail SuccessfullyOur recipe e-books, workshops, home study course, support services, and Natural Solutions can take years off your learning curve. We have put together what we have learned since 2008 into a comprehensive package to make it easier for you to start on the right foot, no matter where you are starting. We organized our Natural Solutions under what we call our #FrameworkOfHOPE. This is the framework that categorizes and systematizes what we have learned for success in building a healthier lifestyle with optimal #BloodSugarControl, greater confidence, sustainability and satisfaction while learning to #ControlType1Diabetes.  If we knew – really understood and embraced – these concepts in their entirety when we started in 2008, it would have saved us hours, days, weeks and months of grief, time, expense and learning.