Flaxseed versus Diabetes


HeConnection-Treatment-Prevention-Flaxseed versus DiabetesWhen it comes to flaxseed versus diabetes, a tablespoon of daily ground flax seeds for a month appears to improve fasting blood sugars, triglycerides, cholesterol, and hemoglobin A1c levels in diabetics.

Drug companies are hoping to capitalize on the fact that the consumption of certain plants appears to lower the risk of diabetes by isolating the active components for use and sale as pharmacological agents. Though not as profitable, why not just eat the plants? One plant in particular that’s now been tested is flax. We’ve known for 20 years that having ground flax in your stomach can blunt the blood sugar spike from a meal, but it’s never been tested in diabetics until now.

An open-label study on the effect of flax seed powder supplementation in the management of diabetes. A tablespoon of ground flax seeds every day for a month, and, compared to the control group a significant drop in fasting blood sugars, triglycerides, and cholesterol, as well as the most important thing, a drop in A1C level and this was just after a month, though if one’s sugars are already well-controlled there may be no additional benefit. No weight gain with an added quarter cup of ground flax a day for 3 months—in fact the flax group ended up with a slimmer waist than the flaxseed oil or control group. Or even up to nearly a half cup a day, though this was only for a month.

How does flax help control blood sugars? It may improve insulin sensitivity in glucose intolerant people, after 12 weeks of flax there was a small but significant drop in insulin resistance, perhaps related to the drop in oxidant stress given the antioxidant qualities of flax.

Now this was a non-blinded, non-randomized small study, and so if it was some drug they were testing, I’d never prescribe it based on this one study, but this isn’t a drug. It’s just flaxseeds. There are just good side-effects, so even if this study was a fluke or fraud, flaxseeds have other benefits. In the worst case scenario I’d still end up benefiting if I was not quite ready or able to reverse their diabetes completely with a plant-based diet.

Health-e-Solutions comment: Adding flaxseeds to a typical Western lifestyle diet may help, but why not get at the root of the problem and try to reverse the condition altogether with a healthier diet overall?

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Health-e-Solutions-Give-HOPE-Flaxseed versus Diabetes

  • Decreased their HbA1c percentage
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  • Reversed symptoms and complications
  • Improved insulin sensitivity
  • Improved fasting and post-prandial blood glucose levels
  • Increased c-peptide secretion and insulin production
  • Decreased or eliminated insulin antibodies
  • Normalized their weight

(* results may vary)

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