“Free from My Ball and Chain”

Barb Holzer was diagnosed recently with pre-diabetes, but she has suffered from a number of other chronic conditions for years.  A friend of hers told her about Health-e-Solutions and she jumped right into changing her lifestyle, figuring she had nothing to lose by tryinBarb-Holzer-cropg! She tried many other things before, but some of her early results after three weeks of following the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle were quite remarkable. She was “Free from My Ball and Chain”:

  • She went off 1 of her 3 anti-depressants with ease.
  • She feels light – her usual dark mood lifted within the first week. She always felt like was dragging around a ball and chain before.
  • She gets out of bed easier and with more energy.
  • Conservatively 80% of her pain from fibromyalgia in her whole body is gone, especially her legs.
  • Normally, after grocery shopping she is in so much pain and so stressed by the commotion of people that she is distraught. Not anymore!
  • The “film” in front of her eyes, which always separated her from others for over 25 years, is gone. There is clarity that she did not have before, even watching TV is more clear.
  • She no longer feels like her body forces her to lie in bed all day from exhaustion.
  • Anxiety has diminished remarkably, both in body and mind
  • She lost 15 pounds in 1 month

Barb states:

“I’ve been living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for 25 years, which is debilitating. After being on this program three weeks, my health has improved dramatically.  Fibromyalgia (total body pain), has improved at least 80%!  Even though I’m on two antidepressants for depression, I still carried around sadness and heaviness every day. That has completely disappeared!  Exhaustion and needing to be in bed dictate my day’s activity. Now, I’m able to be up, which is odd, and it feels so good!  Also, I’ve seen a huge improvement from anxiety, I can think more clearly and I feel much more at ease.  What can I say, it’s been wonderful to be free from my “ball and chain” due to what I learned from the Romans.  :-).” *

(* results may vary)

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