Health-e-Recipe: Fresh Lemonade

HeS-Free-Recipes-Fresh LemonadeWe really like to make fresh lemonade. It is so healthy and delicious – and alkaline! Here is the recipe:

Fresh Lemonade


  • 2 cups fresh squeezed lemon juice
  • 16 small scoops white pure stevia extract (the stevia will vary depending on the brand and type you buy. Just sweeten to taste, but make sure your stevia is pure – no fillers, flow agents or additives)
  • Water to fill one gallon container


  1. Put fresh lemon juice in a gallon container
  2. Fill the container with water until it measures at one gallon
  3. Add stevia, stir very well because the stevia tends to clump
  4. Pour into a glass with ice for a refreshing, healthy drink!

Variations: You can add some fresh diced mint leaves for added flavor

Note: We have a 5 gallon jug for larger gatherings. We place 10 cups lemon juice into the container, and add water to fill the 5 gallon container. Add 80 scoops of white stevia and stir well.

We created these recipes for our two type 1 diabetic boys to keep great control over their blood glucose levels. I hope you enjoy the lemonade.

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