Birthday Party CupcakesBirthday Party Cupcakes

We celebrated Gabe’s birthday this week. He turned ten years old. We played kick ball at a park, watched a fun kid-movie and swam (yes, it is warm enough to swim already here in sunny Arizona). Sally made healthy, #VeryLowGlycemic cupcakes instead of acidic, sugary cake and put candles in Gabe’s so he could blow them out. They were the talk of the party! You can see by the look on the kids’ faces they enjoyed Gabe’s Birthday Party Cupcakes, and I did too! It is a good thing Gabe only turned 10, because it will get increasingly difficult to find surface area for more candles on a cupcake!

It was a real joy to see him and Nathan (both type 1 Diabetics) looking and acting like the picture of health, enjoying healthy alkaline food that does not move their blood glucose levels – all without worrying about carb-counting, insulin injections, sugar highs and lows, etc.

OK, so guess what Gabriel had this morning for his birthday slumber party breakfast?  Cupcakes and grapefruit!! Yes, you heard it right.  Gabriel was all giggles as he told his friends that his cupcakes were nutritious and he could eat as many as he wanted. We had some left over from his birthday treat last night.  We had planned on making the diabetic pancakes for breakfast, but Gabe asked if he could have the leftover cupcakes.  I thought…”Hey, why not?”.

We did tweak Nathan’s brownie recipe a little to make it a special treat.

  • I baked the brownie recipe in cupcake holders that were placed in a cupcake pan.
  • After baking, we cooled them and iced them and added birthday decorations.
  • We used the brownie icing recipe, and I added  to the recipe 2 unsweetened chocolate squares that I melted (which we normally don’t use).

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