Gabriel’s Five-Year Anniversary!Nate-Gabriel-Five-Year Anniversary

Gabriel’s Five-Year Anniversary! Has it really been five years?  Gabriel was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes on January 10, 2008, and it is a date that was branded in my heart. Vividly, I still remember holding my beloved 6 year-old son in my arms that day.  Recalling the tremendous anguish only a parent could comprehend, the fight to hold back the tears so I wouldn’t alarm him was almost too much to bear.  Inside my chest, the pain erupted, rocking my deepest foundations. How could three words wound so deeply?  Type One Diabetes.

That day, my life changed dramatically.  That day, my heart ached terribly grieving for my son. That day, I began searching for some ray of hope to help my precious son.  Determinedly stalking the cure and ways to improve his health has filled every day since that time.

What have we learned in the past five years?  Discovering a healthy diet and lifestyle has made so much difference!  Gabriel, now 11 years old, is growing and thriving. He is the picture of fitness.  Having very stable blood glucose levels and excellent A1cs have helped him achieve optimal physical condition.  He is now negative for all auto-antibodies.  He still does not require exogenous insulin. We have hope for a healthier future! *

(* results may vary)

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