Gabriel-Roman-Four Year Anniversary Insulin Free!Gabriel’s Four Year Anniversary Insulin Free!

On January, 10 2008, we heard those three words that were branded in our hearts…Type One Diabetes.  Gabriel was diagnosed by our astute family doctor exactly four years ago on that date.  Before then, I never really gave the disease more than a second thought, except maybe for a few brief moments when I studied it in nursing school.  Now it is on my mind almost every waking minute.  I am so thankful that the time spent thinking about it now is not out of fear or worry. Instead, I am always trying to find out how we can make our two sons healthier. We are celebrating Gabriel’s Four Year Anniversary Insulin Free! (* results may vary)

I think Gabriel and Nathan are possibly healthier now than they would have been if they hadn’t been diagnosed with T1D.  They rarely get sick, and they are vibrant, energetic and the picture of health.

By most standards, Gabriel can be considered in remission.  By the JDCA’s definition of a cure, next year he will meet all criteria for a workable cure if he continues on the same course, except one.  That one criterion is that there would be no dietary restrictions required. We contend that great nutrition is essential for any person to achieve their optimal health.

It is so wonderful that we can celebrate Gabriel’s Fourth anniversary with joy, hope and optimism.  Happy Anniversary, Gabriel!!

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