Health-e-Solutions-Beach-Genevieve’s StoryHealth-e-Solutions comment: This is a story of struggle, but also of great achievement. As with all stories of struggle, the difficulties encountered can seem insurmountable. This mother, however, did not, and has not given up. She has accomplished remarkable success in the face of adversity that would cause others to give up hope. Her story is very encouraging to us to stay the course and strive for optimal blood sugar control and thriving health.

Genevieve’s Story

My daughter Genevieve was about to turn 3 years old in the summer of 2013 One night when the kids had fallen asleep (in my bed), I noticed a burning smell.  It was not the stove or the oven, but Genevieve’s urine, as she had just peed in her overnight diaper.

She peed a ton by the next morning and the smell still lingered. I took her into her GP and they found glucose and ketones in her urine. From there we went for a glucose tolerance test (GTT) and HbA1c, and then to the endocrinologist. She woke up the morning of her GTT shaking like a leaf. It took a lot of carbs to increase her BG and keep it high enough for the test (which is a fasting test of course).  They found GAD65 antibodies and she was hypoglycemic on her GTT, but her HbA1c was 5.5 and considered in normal range.  Her TSH was also high by holistic reference ranges.

I was given little info and told to just check her blood sugar with a glucometer periodically and then was sent home.

Some things did not sit well with me. She had thick mucus in her urine samples and nothing I could find online explained this. But all of this coincided with the introduction of beef into her diet that week. I had stopped eating beef in her pregnancy due to pancreatitis and continued to avoid it until that week, when she was nearly 3 years old.

I decided then to remove the meat and go back to a grain free plant based diet.. it worked! We were seeing more normal numbers and she seemed to be improving. Then I gave birth to my 3rd child and we moved across the country and our diet was not as optimal. We had reincorporated poultry and some grains (we were normally gluten and mostly grain free).

When I started to take her blood glucose again it was high. It was higher than I had seen it months ago and it was not going down as it should.  Then came the day when I caught it over 300 and we went to the ER.

I was lost, panicked and had no one to help me. The doctors kept telling me this is normal and her HbA1c, even though it was in the pre-diabetic range now, was not a concern… yet. Regardless, there was nothing we could do and just check her BG whenever and not worry about what we feed her.

Over and over again I am being told that these numbers are normal (over 150-200) , that even with her signs and symptoms that she is on a train in a slow motion wreck, we simply have no control and cannot do a thing.

I refused to accept this and decided to search until I found someone with a similar story. I found that person one day online when in a group of meat eating diabetics following Dr. Berstein’s suggested dietary advice. Obviously I could not feed her meat, I had tested it previously and she always became very hyperglycemic from it.

It was Sally Roman that I ‘met’ that day and she shared an abreviated story of her sons. I knew this was the direction I needed to go. The Romans gave me the answers and information I had been seeking for almost a year.  They explained everything.

Now I know why the beef triggered her, why grains are a trigger, why a plant based diet helped her improve so much initially. Now I know how to fine tune her diet and help her heal as much as possible. I have found a practitioner, whom they suggested, to  help take charge of her care and labs and meds, if they are ever needed. We will be working with Dr. Morstein and I am very excited to consult with someone who has so much knowledge in the prevention and management of diabetes and GI disorders.

It is also believed that Genevieve may have Celiac disease and this is a contributing factor, so the Health-e-Solutions diet is even more beneficial. It eliminates most, if not all cross reactive proteins, which has helped stopped the abnormal tooth decay from which she was suffering.

On only 2 months of the HeS diet, we have lowered her HbA1c from  5.7 to 5.2.  This was not easily accomplished since I have THE pickiest 3 year old on the planet. Even so, we worked with her and found ways to help her enjoy her new food choices.  HeS has given us some control over our lives again and improved health for all of us. It has calmed my daughter so very much and her numbers are proof of the positive effect on her health. No longer do we see BG readings of 150+, we see her BG stay in the upper 70’s to mid 80’s.

The information and ongoing support that the Roman’s provide is wonderful. I am in the Extended Support group daily learning something new . They provide much more than recipes, but will keep you up to date on the latest research and information regarding all things Diabetes. It is SUCH an amazing thing to be able to have someone  put those hours of research and troubleshooting in for my benefit.  I will continue to drink in the information that they send my way.  The emotional support is also such a blessing, as many may know, the stress of all this can be enormous, but with a great support system this is totally doable.

I am so grateful these people are doing what they do, it has been an incredible blessing for my family. *

(* results may vary)

Health-e-Solutions comment: I am sure other people who read this story have felt like their health was heading for a slow motion train wreck, having little control over the direction their body was taking them. We are thrilled to hear that the Heath-e-Solutions lifestyle for this family, “has given us some control over our lives again and improved health for all of us.” It has done the same for our family as well.

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