Give Yourself a Natural Energy Boost

House-of-Health-Roof-Natural Energy BoostEnergy can be a tricky thing – some days you have it, some days you don’t. Countless factors can affect your energy levels throughout the day, week to week and even longer term. Fortunately, in the absence of an underlying health condition, there are simple strategies to ensure you give yourself a natural energy boost.

Here are some great natural energy boosters to raise you up when you’re feeling low:

  1. Health-e-Solutions-Pillar-Stress-MgmtStress Less: Easier said than done, right? Stress, particularly chronic stress, may be the No. 1 cause of low energy. Why? Because all your available energy – physical, mental, emotional – is occupied by whatever’s got you stressed out – your relationship, your finances, your job, etc. And stress leads to all the other energy drainers mentioned below: poor diet, lack of exercise and sleep issues. The Fix: Yes, “Stress less” is still the solution. The impact of Managing stress should not be underestimated, even in children. Stress has been proven to increase both a person’s susceptibility to blood sugar spikes and the severity of complications from the disease. For years, stress reduction programs have been used clinically for reducing the burden of chronic disease and increasing resiliency.  A more resilient body and mind make for optimal health! Managing stress is vital to optimal blood sugar control. In our downloadable, printable special report on Stress and Diabetes we’ll give you the tools you need to manage stress effectively.
  1. Health-e-Solutions-Pillar-NutritionRethink Your Diet: Many people don’t have a clue that what they eat has a direct and dramatic impact on their energy levels. The main culprits: eating too much, eating too much sugar / high-glycemic carbohydrates or not eating enough, particularly of the right foods. All three can lead to blood sugar dysregulation, making you feel sluggish and drained. The Fix:Eat less carbs, more very low-Glycemic, low-insulintemic foods (vegetables included) that give you sustained energy throughout the day. Key to successful implementation of the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle, is having great-tasting recipes the whole family can enjoy. To that end, we have created several recipe e-books from which to choose the options that best fit your needs. All of our immediately-downloadable recipe e-book options are specially designed for people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes who want to make a healthier diet a priority. Both of our type 1 diabetic boys and our whole family enjoy these delicious recipes with great success controlling blood glucose levels.
  1. Health-e-Solutions-Pillar-ExerciseLess Butt, More Feet: This isn’t as funny as it sounds; exercise (or lack of it) has a profound impact on energy. Interestingly, while many people (usually non-exercisers) fear exercising because they believe it will expend too much energy, it actually has the opposite effect. The Fix: In the short term, exercise energizes; in the long term, particularly as you drop pounds, tone and tighten, and start to see results, it can be downright motivating. What’s more, physical activity increases your metabolism – the body’s ability to burn calories at rest. Now that’s energy in action. An integral part of the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle always includes a consistent exercise regimen.  We want to help you realize the importance of exercise, but also the complexities involved in managing blood sugars while incorporating exercise into your daily routine.  Our downloadable, printable report on exercise and diabetes equips you to make exercise with diabetes, particularly insulin-dependent diabetes, more manageable, fun, and practical.
  1. Health-e-Solutions-Pillar-SleepRecharge: Sleep is the mechanism by which the body and mind refresh, recharge and revitalize. Unfortunately, even people who think they’re getting enough sleep probably aren’t. Watching TV or checking your emails for an hour before bedtime, waking up multiple times, or tossing and turning because of an improper mattress / pillow, sets the stage for disturbed, disrupted and interrupted sleep. Nothing is worse for your energy levels than a night of poor sleep. Even worse is when it happens night after night. Diabetes and sleep problems often go hand in hand. Diabetes can cause sleep loss, and there is evidence that not sleeping well can increase your risk of developing diabetes. Research is revealing the links between sleep and diabetes and suggests that we should use sleep like diet and exercise to prevent or treat this common disease. The Fix: Make sleep a priority! We’ll help you learn why and how with our downloadable, printable special report on Sleep, Health and Diabetes
  1. Health-e-Solutions-Pillar-EnvironmentDetox: Our environment, internal and external, indoors and outdoors, has reached a point of inescapable concern.  Taking healthy measures to minimize your exposure and keep your body’s detoxification systems functioning optimally can be of great benefit to long term health and blood sugar control. In our downloadable, printable special report on the Environment, Diabetes and Health, we present evidence that demands action, and we give you the tools to take action by natural means.

These are the five pillars in the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle that supports thriving health and better #BloodSugarControl. Put your body in a position of strength by promoting, supporting and creating health. Get tools and solutions to help minimize consequences and maximize benefits for nutrition, environment, exercise, sleep and stress management.