Health-e-Solutions-Evaluate-Glucose Meter Holds Final AuthorityGlucose Meter Holds Final Authority

Glucose Meter Holds Final Authority. No matter what anyone tells you about the healthfulness of a food, the question to ask is, “Is it healthy for you?” Since we are each unique individuals in many ways, with a unique set of circumstances that got us where we are, it is important to test everything.

You can check it out yourself by using your trusty blood sugar meter. If a food is supposed to be low glycemic, test it at 2 hours and see what it does to your blood sugar. Simply put, if it raises blood sugars over your chosen blood sugar target, it is not healthy for you.

If your blood sugar looks healthy when you test at two hours, test the food at three hours to be sure that slower digestion is not hiding a spike that occurs when the food finally hits the bloodstream.

Keep in mind that in terms of overall health, if you are using insulin you are better off using as little insulin as possible. So even if you can cover a lot of carbohydrates with a fast acting shot, it is not a good idea to do this often or you will end up with the same insulin-related health problems people develop who do not have diabetes but do have high circulating insulin levels (called hyperinsulinemia).

You meter is a very helpful weapon when doing battle with diabetes. Keep it handy. Keep it safe. Keep it functioning well.

Health-e-Solutions-Evaluate-Results-Glucose Meter Holds Final AuthorityEvaluate Results

Mapping, monitoring and measuring are a continuous cycle when living with diabetes. You begin with a certain course of treatment in mind, which you mapped out with the help of your medical professional. You monitor your progress and measure it against your goals. Upon evaluation, you may find a new course must be corrected to compensate for successes and challenges. Evaluating progress and results of the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle is essential to #MasterDiabetes in the healthiest way possible. This downloadable e-publication equips you with the key evaluation tools you need, along with some of the research behind them, to determine where you want to go and how to get there. We give you important tools to help you chart your course and stay on track to reach your destination.