Gluten Free Diet Improves High Risk Type 1 Diabetes Insulin Secretion


HeConnection-Treatment-Prevention-Gluten free Diet Improves High Risk Type 1 Diabetes Insulin SecretionGluten Free Diet Improves High Risk Type 1 Diabetes Insulin Secretion – Removal of gluten from the diet can attenuate the intensity of autoimmunity and reduces the incidence of diabetes in the non-obese diabetic mouse. In this study, we tested whether a gluten-free diet could reduce autoimmunity in human preclinical type 1 diabetes. A trial consisting of 6 months of a gluten-free diet followed by another 6 months of normal gluten-containing diet was performed in 17 first-degree relatives with at least 2 antibodies among islet cell antibodies, glutamic acid decarboxylase autoantibodies, protein tyrosine islet antigen-2 autoantibodies, and insulin autoantibodies. Treatment effect was measured as autoantibody titers and acute insulin response to IV glucose tolerance test. Two subjects dropped out for lack of compliance to diet restrictions. Of the remaining 15 subjects, 3 developed diabetes. Autoantibody titers did not show significant changes after 6 months of gluten-free diet and again after return to normal diet. Acute insulin response to IV glucose tolerance test significantly increased in 12 of 14 subjects after the first 6 months of gluten deprivation and decreased in 10 of 13 subjects during the following 6-month period of normal diet. Insulin sensitivity (homeostasis model assessment – insulin resistance) nonsignificantly improved after the gluten-free diet and subsequently decreased after 6 months of normal diet. These findings indicate that 6 months of gluten deprivation do not influence humoral autoimmunity, but may have a beneficial effect on preservation of beta-cell function in subjects at risk for type 1 diabetes.

Health-e-Solutions Comment

Attenuating the intensity of autoimmunity and reducing the incidence of diabetes is what we strive to achieve with the Roman Diet and Health-e-Solutions lifestyle, which is gluten-free and much more. Even if this 6 month study only showed a non-significant improvement in autoantibodies, we would argue that a longer study should be conducted to see if staying gluten free for a longer period of time would make a difference in autoantibody activity. The gut can take a significant amount of time to heal from food antigens. It may also be that other food antigens were allowing the gut to remain “leaky,” thereby keeping the autoimmune response activated.

HeS-New-Day-Dawning-Gluten free Diet Improves High Risk Type 1 Diabetes Insulin SecretionUntil #CuringType1Diabetes is a reality within our reach, put your body in a position of strength to #MasterDiabetes the healthiest way possible. Lifestyle innovations as a priority over drug therapies may be the solution. Poor health feeds poor health in a vicious cycle, or negative feedback loop that is increasingly difficult to break the longer it continues. Promoting, supporting and creating health set in motion a positive feedback loop instead.

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