HeConnection-Diabetic-Alkaline-Lifestyle natural practical livable sustainableWhen I hear about a medical professional telling a type 1 diabetes patient, “Go ahead and eat whatever you want, just make sure you cover your glucose with insulin,”

It’s like telling a firefighter, “Just go ahead and pour as much gasoline as you like on that fire you’re trying to put out, as long as you cover it with enough water.”

Eating the typical Western diet usually means loading up on fast-digesting carbohydrates loaded with sweeteners, artificial flavors and unpronounceable chemicals that are likely to be toxic to health with long term exposure. Most common foods will spike blood sugars (hyperglycemia) and thereby also spike insulin (hyperinsulinemia).

Insulin and the foods that stimulate insulin, not excess calories, are at the heart of the most pervasive chronic diseases: obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer. Lowering insulin secretion – naturally, using very low-glycemic foods – is a key to getting your body running on dietary fat (ketosis), which leads not only to more stable blood sugars and weight loss, but also to better health in most people.

Instead of pouring gas on the flames of disease, let’s douse those flames with better lifestyle choices. If you need some help getting started, we’ll help you implement a practical, livable, sustainable transformation to help set you on the path to better living.

We know what it is like to get the diagnosis of diabetes, since we have two boys with type 1 diabetes, Nathan and Gabriel.  We have several recipe e-books and a home study course  which will teach you the innovative diabetic-alkaline lifestyle and equip you to achieve more stable blood sugars and better living. It has made a tremendous difference in our boys’ health.

Our goal is to teach people how to sustain a practical, livable lifestyle for long term success.  We think the 3 workshop options we have available are the best way to get a well-rounded understanding of the diabetic-alkaline lifestyle and how to apply it in a sustainable way. We also bring the core workshop to you via our home study course with several audio, video and written course packages from which to choose. We can do phone consults if you are interested in discussing your options further, especially as they pertain to your unique situation.