Goat Milk Insignificantly Different Type 1 Diabetes


HeConnection-Informed-Goat Milk Insignificantly Different Type 1 DiabetesGoat Milk Insignificantly Different Type 1 Diabetes – Many people who are sensitive to cow’s milk can tolerate goat’s milk.

Studies in laboratory animals show much higher immune system activation from cow’s milk than goat’s milk. There are also several studies analyzing the protein content of goat’s milk (in comparison with cow’s milk). These studies show different forms of protein in the two types of milk, including differences in the type of casein proteins that are present. For example, researchers have found that goat’s milk generally has only trace amounts of a specific casein, alpha-s1-casein, which is thought to be one of the main proteins in cow’s milk responsible for eliciting sensitivity reactions.

There is not enough difference in the lactose content of goat’s versus cow’s milk to make goat’s milk significantly more digestible from the standpoint of lactose intolerance. If people don’t have enough lactase enzyme in their bodies to break down the lactose in cow’s milk, they would also be unlikely to have enough lactase to break down the lactose in goat’s milk. However, the slight difference in lactose levels between the two types of milk—with goat’s milk having a little less — might be enough to make a difference for individuals with very mild lactose intolerance.

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The fact that there are even trace amounts of casein in goats milk makes it off limits for the Roman Diet, which seeks to minimize dietary aggravants and potential autoimmune triggers. From the standpoint of lactose intolerance, it also may not be the best choice to make. Lactose is a sugar that will raise blood glucose levels as well. For these reasons, we avoid goat’s milk in the Roman Diet.

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