Grateful Heart Benefits Health

Happy Thanksgiving-Grateful Heart Benefits HealthGrateful Heart Benefits Health – Having a grateful heart during holidays can be difficult with so many of the traditional food choices being unhealthy, inflammatory, or high in glycemic and insulinemic impact. It does get easier as time goes by with lifestyle changes, but there is always the temptation to try those nostalgic foods that can compromise your health.

Focusing on the true meaning of the holiday can help lessen the temptation to “cheat.” Think about all the things you have about which to to have a grateful heart. It is important and helpful to your overall well-being to choose to be thankful and grateful for the health that you have and the food options available to you, even if they are not part of your past tradition.

In addition to developing “an attitude of gratitude,” studies show that serving others provides benefits to both your mental and physical health. Serving others:

  • Improves physical wellbeing, reducing heart rate and blood pressure, increasing endorphin production, enhancing your immune system, alleviating mild to moderate depression, and buffering the impact of stress
  • Raises self-confidence and self-esteem and provides a sense of purpose
  • Encourages friendships that buffer against stress and illness
  • May help you live longer with a higher quality of life
  • The earlier you start, the better it is for your long term health

We hope your Thanksgiving holiday is filled with family and friends, including those that support you in your efforts to live the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle. But even if you are alone on this great holiday, you can still have a greatful heart for what you DO have, and you can share with and serve others. It will do you some good in return!

Health-e-Solutions-Outlook-Grateful Heart Benefits HealthWe tend to limit health to nutritional, metabolic and exercise factors. Collectively, we haven’t quite made the connection that health is also given by who we are, how we think, what we feel and believe, how we conduct ourselves in the world. Mental, emotional, physical, social and spiritual factors, what we call our outlook on life, all play a tremendous role in developing the healthiest lifestyle for optimal #BloodSugarControl and long term success.

Health is not just about what we do (diet, exercise, etc.). It is also about who we are at the deepest place of our being. This downloadable, printable special report on Improving Your Outlook is an essential resource for your long term success. It is often overlooked, but we have found that a person’s outlook on life greatly impacts their health, and health can greatly impact a person’s outlook. To #MasterDiabetesNaturally, your outlook on your condition is vital to success.