HeS Independence DayHere in the USA, we celebrate our Independence Day on July 4th. We wish you all a happy and healthy Independence Day. If you happen to live in another country, we wish you a happy Independence Day too, whatever day on which you may celebrate it.

Using the metaphor of this holiday, there is another Independence Day that we encourage you to consider – the day you began to take matters into your own hands to create health and wellness, breaking the bonds of the typical Western lifestyle. Some of you may have always lived in this way. However, most of us, including our family were bound by our cultural habits and traditions to unhealthy lifestyles and dietary patterns. In our family, we thought we were eating and living in a healthy manner. But through the diagnosis of type 1 diabetes, we became enlightened to our enslaved condition.

The diabetic-alkaline lifestyle has afforded our family a degree of health independence we never considered before. We have shifted our allegiance from cultural norms and standard health doctrine to the frontier in natural medicine and healing through healthy diet and lifestyle transformation. We urge you to do the same. you won’t regret it!