Hayden’s Story: Stuffing the “Beties” Monster Back into its Box

Hayden Thumbs up-Hayden’s StoryThe way Hayden’s story begins is all too familiar to most of us who have children diagnosed with type 1 diebetes. But that is where the similarities with most people end. The Hatston family went on a mission to vanquish the “beties” monster and put it back into the box from which it escaped to wreak havoc on their precious son, Hayden. Their son is now enjoying his freedom from insulin injections and stabilized blood sugars. We know you will be as inspired as we are by their unrelenting love for their son and their commitment and dedication to finding a more natural way to treat Hayden’s type 1 diabetes. *

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Jan 5 2012 I took my 4 year old to the hospital after about two weeks of observing thirst and urination abnormalities. I also noticed weight loss, and that was my red flag to get him checked. He was scared and I didn’t know it. I told him I am taking him to Chuckie Cheese after we make a very important stop on the way to check something.

Right away the staff figured diabetes. His blood sugar test was almost 54 mmol/L. That’s about 1,000 mg/dL American. The many needles for IVs, injections and blood tests were a slaughter. His blood and veins were not up to the task. That was how the nightmare started after up to 10 days or more of symptoms that are obvious to us now. Thinking back more than 7 months pre-diagnoses he had been showing dental issues at least that long. Strange holes were forming in a few of his teeth. Had his dentist had more training perhaps he may have caught on to the attack near the gum line as a possible sign of Diabetic trouble.

Five nights in the hospital seemed like a year. Some of the comments the staff made to my son gave me an angry chill that made me think how dare you mess with a child’s mind telling him he “will have needles every day for the rest of his life” with no reserve. I felt it a shallow and abusive thing to misuse their position in the medical profession to make such an assertion when it seemed pretty obvious something was wrong with this whole scenario.

Hayden’s Story-Hayden 60 days of pokesI was not sure what exactly made me suspicious of the sentence handed down by the hospital staff.  But to start with, the diabetic diet that arrived 3 times a day as outlined by the nutrition expert contained milk (known to be a culprit in the development of diabetes), juice, white flour cookies and other refined carbs and grains, including an artificial sweetener that is a well-known toxin and cancer causing carcinogen. “Hmm, get us out of here”, we needed to get home to start the research into healing, not treating self-inflicted symptoms. All of the above spike blood sugar dramatically. A few weeks after our hospital stay, we learned from our doctor of integrative medicine that Hayden had leaky gut syndrome and antibodies to gluten and dairy.

Coming home was a magical feeling for us, and the beginning of a sleep deprived couple of months. I started to search for causes and natural cures of type one diabetes, up to 20 hours per day, trying to make sure all threats in our home environment would be eliminated before settling in. Once I gave up researching the cause [of type 1 diabetes], I moved into a much more productive role of searching for a natural approach to deal with this insulin versus blood glucose issue. I found the PH Miracle for Diabetes by Dr. Young. The book was the only one I found that dealt with the food issue so directly and in relation to type one diabetes for a change. The tendency for diabetic books out there is only to discuss type 2, so I was relieved to finally have a resource that got us started.

The weeks went by and we capitalized on all the new information we were learning about the Alkalinizing of digestive systems (eating healthy food as our medicine) and the effects on blood sugar control and what roles other nutrients play in the body. Our minds were already geared towards orthomolecular medicine (that just means in mouth molecules) so this was easy to understand, and somewhat familiar to my own holistic-based knowledge picked up over 25 years working within the Natural Health and Wellness community.

[On the internet] I found a testimonial of the Roman family, the story of their two sons diagnosed with type one diabetes four months apart four years ago. Guess what, neither of those two boys ever had a drop of [injected] insulin. Fortunately the boys were diagnosed early enough that their parents got a head start on their own research and implemented a [diabetic]-alkaline diet before things got worse with the attack on their insulin producing beta cells. In my opinion these people have made history.

Hayden Thumbs up-Hayden’s Story“BINGO!” I shouted. I knew this was it, how do you argue with living proven success. Hallelujah… Some say “if you want to get rich then do what rich people do.” I say “If you want to end the suffering that type one diabetes and complications of type one diabetes can cause, then do what the Roman family has done.” It won’t make you rich, but you will once again sleep at night if you can make it work for you as it has for us.

Just eat mostly raw alkaline foods. There is no secret message that gets unlocked if you send money somewhere. The message is free, and it sure is good to have some support along the way because the food is hard to get used to at first. We are not used to being so involved in the actual process of preparing our foods, rather than just bringing home processed foods to serve. It took a while but we love the food now, except our 10 year old. He is still a fungus-feeding high carb/glucose food junkie. One night, at one of our early green dinners he actually barfed right into his dinner plate. That’s similar to taking the junk away from a junkie. It’s an addiction that has been invented by modern food processes and ingredients that make a highly marketable food sell faster than the competition.

Anyway, it has been two months to the day since my diabetic child has required insulin injections. Don’t get me wrong, if he eats a piece of store bought bread or any grains/gluten, or any dairy or fruit juice or processed foods period, his “beties” will kick the lid off the box we’ve worked so hard to stuff the bugger into and raise havoc. Is this the “honeymoon period” they tell us about? Maybe, well in a way, except with a little more studying you will find books by respected doctors that say insulin producing beta cell preservation is possible for an indefinite period.

My boys are thriving – all three of them – gaining weight and eating like princes. It’s funny to think they have come such a long way in a short time. At 3 and 4 years old they could teach endocrinologists how to manage type one diabetes without insulin injections if only they were allowed to learn. We all get much needed deep sleep at night now, not to mention we need it to keep up with all the shopping, food preparation and research into how some of these recipes and supplements will work for us.

Even if Hayden needs to start the insulin again for some strange reason he will have a step up on the blood glucose control game. There is a lot to learn, it’s all simple but you’re probably going to have to forget what your TV looks like or what it feels like to chill out on your couch for a few months. I took a partial leave of absence from work for 3 months, it would have been impossible for my wife to find and implement the changes without support. At the end of every day our kitchen looks like we just hosted a huge thanksgiving dinner, seems like not a dish or implement remains in the cupboard.

Knowing what I know now, we probably could have stabilized [Hayden’s blood sugar control] in 48 hours and not required any injections after the initial rescue and diagnoses. Instead we took it slow because the transition off the SAD (Standard American Diet) is a rough one for a child. And you may not figure out how to implement the diet overnight. In our case we had very little knowledge. We still learn every day how to make it a bit more sustainable, effective, and delicious.

We are right on coarse now, and the Roman family is here to answer your questions because there are many, so write them down. We would love to help too. Seeing the results of natural therapeutic methods, including strict alkaline food implementation that heals type one diabetics, to gain blood glucose readings in the normal non diabetic range is the key to it all.

I emailed the Roman family this message “You have done more to ease human suffering than the Dalai Lama could ever hope to in his lifetime,” just by getting the word out. I found out for myself that turns out to be their only goal. Their recipe book is our anchor. It has helped numerous families create their own spin off recipes that we all share. Now that the Romans have insured we all can keep in touch with each other through a social network for type one diabetic families it has made it easy to view and discuss all aspects of type one diabetes recovery around the globe 24 hours a day. We have relied heavily on the support we have received through these wonderful people. Try it out. Just think how well you will sleep, once again.

Is it a cure for type one diabetes? Close enough for me, although we refer to it as a natural treatment for type one diabetics to be insulin injection free. We are all ears if someone can bring new and better information to the table.

The Hatston Family *

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(* results may vary)