Cinless-Cinnamon-RollsHealth-e-Recipe: Cinless Cinnamon Rolls

The Cinless Cinnamon Rolls recipe is somewhat involved to explain, but it is well worth the effort to make them once you taste the finished product! A friend of ours, Katy Volker, has been instrumental in bringing you this recipe and the videos that demonstrate the preparation of this scrumptious dessert.

Gabriel, our 10 year old, made a batch of 48 rolls the other day all by himself! They were so good that everybody with whom we shared them asked for the recipe. If he can make these recipes, you can too! Get your kids involved and they may feel a sense of accomplishment like Gabriel did.

“Cinless” Cinnamon Rolls are made with ingredients that will have very little impact on blood sugars. Our two type 1 diabetic boys eat as many of these as they want with almost no change in blood sugars. These are part of a natural, healthy approach to managing all types of diabetes through diet and lifestyle adjustments, which we call the diabetic-alkaline lifestyle.

Because “Cinless” Cinnamon Rolls are completely healthy for you, you could eat them for breakfast, lunch, supper, or as a snack! We have eaten them for a quick meal before running out on errands. They are filling and fun.

If you have younger kids, get them involved in the preparation. It can bring them a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. Our three children pictured all participate in the preparation. It makes the rolls taste much “sweeter” when they eat them!

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We hope you enjoy these as much as we do!

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