Health-e-Tip: Prebiotics Anyone?

HeConnection-Health-e-Tip: Prebiotics Anyone?Health-e-Tip: Prebiotics Anyone? There is much warranted concern over the state of our gut microbiome these days. The most common “solution” is to take probiotic supplements. However, unless you feed these probiotic commensal bacteria in your gut, you are less likely to establish lasting healthy colonies. They need to eat too!

An increasing body of research links your gut microbiome imbalance to the development of autoimmune diseases, such as type 1 diabetes. In view of the negative effects on your gut microbiome of the typical western lifestyle and the environment, you may feel inclined to increase your prebiotic intake. Remember prebiotics are what feed your probiotic commensal bacteria. This top 10 list of food items with prebiotic fiber contents of up to 65% of total weight may help:

  • Chicory root – 65%
  • Jerusalem artichoke – 32%
  • Dandelion greens – 24%
  • Garlic – 18%
  • Leek – 12%
  • Onion – 9%
  • Cooked Onion – 5%
  • Asparagus – 5%
  • Wheat bran – 5%
  • Banana – 1%

Remember: These are the “richest” not necessary the “best” sources. The best sources, in our opinion are those that fit well with the Roman Diet and lifestyle (in bold), such as dandelion greens, garlic, leeks, onions and asparagus.

Health-e-Solutions-Environment-Health-e-Tip: Prebiotics Anyone?Our environment, internal and external, indoors and outdoors, has reached a point of inescapable concern.  Taking healthy measures to minimize your exposure and keep your body’s detoxification systems functioning optimally can be of great benefit to long term health and blood sugar control.

In our downloadable, printable special report on the Environment, Diabetes and Health, we present evidence that demands action, and we give you the tools to take action by natural means. This is one of the five pillars in the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle that supports thriving health and better blood sugar control.

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