Healthier Versions of My Kids’ Favorite Treats – I Love It!

Listen to the excitement this mother has found by learning about the benefits of healthier living, and thenHeConnection-HeS-Lifestyle-Healthier Versions taking action to improve her type 1 diabetic daughter’s blood sugar management and her family’s health.

“From a layman’s point of view; I have read a bit of the [Health-e-Solutions] diet and cannot see how it, in any way, could possibly be harmful to anybody. Even before my daughter’s diagnosis I was an advocate of healthy living and was opening my eyes to the mistakes and fallacies of the traditional pyramid approach to nutrition we were taught growing up. Knowledge is power and we must never stop learning all that we can. I am open to new healthy recipes, not just for my [type 1 diabetic] daughter, but for the whole family! To me, it is fun and exciting to find healthier versions of my kids favorite treats. I love it!

Health-e-Solutions Recipe e-Books-Healthier VersionsHealth-e-Solutions comment: Key to successful implementation of the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle is having great-tasting recipes the whole family can enjoy. To that end, we have created several recipe e-books from which to choose the options that best fit your needs. All of our immediately-downloadable recipe e-book options are specially designed for people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes who want to make a healthier diet a priority. Both of our type 1 diabetic boys and our whole family enjoy these delicious #VeryLowGlycemic, low #InsulinDemand recipes with great #BloodSugarControl.