HeS-Zesty Crackers in he Grand Canyon-Healthy LivingHealthy living is catchy.  We make a delicious, refreshing lemonade with stevia that has many of our two Type 1 Diabetic sons’ friends coming back for more. Now, his friends ask if we can make some when they come over.  We do gladly. It is so wonderful to see children enjoying nutritious food that is truly satisfying.

We still chuckle about the time our children had a bunch of kids over. They were playing a game at our long eleven-foot dining room table.  Gabe and Nathan love eating frozen green beans straight from the bag.  They asked if they could have some. I said, “Sure.” Quickly, they grabbed a five-pound bag of frozen green beans and plopped it on the table. As they ate them, some of their friends asked if they could have some.  Coming into the dining room, I saw a whole bunch of hands grabbing green beans.  They were laughing and commenting how good they were.  Pulling out a big bowl, I dumped the rest of the beans into it and placed it on the center of the table.  Within a very short time, all of the five pounds of green beans were gone. There was a lot of giggling and munching.  This cheerful scene made my heart smile.

Our oldest son and daughter just returned from a trip to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. They took our Zestsy Crackers and Grace’s Great Granola (both in our Ultimate Recipe e-Book), among other nutritious foods and snacks. Everybody enjoyed them. In fact, they were requested because Dan took them on the last trip and they were such a hit everybody wanted them again this trip!

Healthy living is infectious!

Health-e-Solutions Recipe e-Books-Healthy LivingFoundational to successful implementation of the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle, is having great-tasting recipes the whole family can enjoy. To that end, we have created several recipe e-books from which to choose the options that best fit your needs.

All of our immediately-downloadable recipe e-book options are specially designed for people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes who want to make a healthy, therapeutic diet a priority. Both of our type 1 diabetic boys and our whole family enjoy these delicious recipes with great success controlling blood glucose levels.