FionaFiona, the Cleansing Diva, can assist you with liquid feasts better than anybody we know. She has a wealth of knowledge about alkalizing strategies. She offers first-time, intermediate and advanced cleanses to help you get started and keep going strong in the alkaline lifestyle.

Fiona Johnston is an holistic lifestyle coach and author of 3 E-books.  During her online World Wide Cleanses and Ultimate Health Boot Camps, she shows people how to reverse their health challenges and supports them daily during the process, motivating them always.

Fiona has learned from the teachings of people like John Assaraf, Tony Robbins, Cloe Madanes, Dr. Robert O. Young, Stu Mittleman, Sang Whang and a host of others leaders in the wellness community.

Here are some of her alkalizing strategies and tools which we find particularly helpful for your success. They are easy to implement on a daily basis for lasting change. These will be purely from an alkaline perspective and not from a diabetic-alkaline perspective – still plenty of great resources that can be adjusted for the diabetic alkaline lifestyle.

  • Alkaline Diet Books – Alkalizing Diet E-books
  • Alkaline Food Chart – Understand what food makes up the 80% Alkaline, 20% Mildly Acid and Transitional Foods.
  • Food Preparation – Fiona says, “Come to my home to learn how to prepare alkaline food.”
  • Alkaline Recipes – Fiona posts a sample of my tastiest recipes for everyone to try.
  • Alkalizing Tips – Tips and tricks that Fiona has learned during her journey.
  • How to Videos – Watch how Fiona prepares and manages her alkaline food.
  • Alkaline Resources – Links to great third party information.
  • 10-Day Challenge – Did you recently attend a Tony Robbins event and want to know more?

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